How to choose DIY alarm system for home, shop, warehouse?

Security alarm systems have been available to only large businesses and wealthy people in the past. Since the rapid changes in the home alarm industry, manufacturers offer wide range of security alarm systems at prices most people can afford. Now every people can purchase a set of DIY alarm for their home property or commercial business. There are huge among and diversity DIY alarm systems are selling in Ebay and Amazon. A lot of people are wondering how to find the best DIY wireless alarm that can give them the peace of mind.

DIY wireless alarm system

The good quality alarm system should meet the criteria of easy to install and operate and good quality, reliable, also cost-effective.

Several years ago, if individuals buy the security alarm systems from security companies, they would find it was very hard to operate and install. Typically traditional alarm systems are using hard wiring. It requires the professional technical knowledge when install the alarm system, System’s setup are designed for trained security installer. After installation, people only can get the user code to simply Arm/Disarm the system.

Now DIY alarm system come with wireless zones, wireless zones mean there is no any hard wiring and install the alarm systems are much simpler than traditional alarm system. A good DIY alarm system should contain enough wireless zones which can complete cover the protection areas. A complete wireless alarm system should include the GSM cellular communicator. The wireless alarm based on GSM cellular communicator can avoid to use the telephone line, except this benefits, using the GSM cellular communicator, the alarm system can send text message to mobile phone when an alarm occurs. Trough the test message, people can be notified with alarm information which includes time, zone number, alarm type, sensor types. More over, the alarm system can be Armed and Disarmed remotely via mobile phone in anywhere.

In the alarm market, people will buy the security alarm kit which includes alarm panel and sensors and accessories. Commonly one or two sensors is not enough for a typical residential home. It’s essential to buy extra sensors for the alarm system. Some security dealers sell the DIY alarm systems at a discount price, but charge high amount for extra additional sensors, so a complete security alarm system may cost you thousand dollars. Before purchase the alarm kit, it’s better to analysis your home property and check how many and which types of sensors you need to deploy in your residential, then compare the extra sensor’s cost. Compared to other intrusion sensors, magnetic contact sensor is the cost-effective and reliable sensors for intrusion detection, it’s better to use more magnetic sensors and less quantity of PIR motion sensor.

Cheap security alarm system is very attractive especially during bad world economy. When choose the alarm system don’t be fooled by cheap security alarm systems which show full features but with very low-cost. These alarm systems are unreliable and cause some hassles during installation and operation. Make sure you are buying the alarm system from a reputable manufacturers or security dealers. Be aware of warranty terms when deal with non-local manufacturers, ask them if they can provide warranty and online technical support.

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