How to install SATA HDD for security DVR?

After bought a new security DVR, it's essential to buy a SATA HDD for video recording. Herein we show you how to install the SATA HDD (Hard drive) to your DVR.

Please note before proceeding below procedures, make sure the DVR unit is powered off.  Additionally, after complete the installation of HDD,  you need to format the HDD, so that DVR can record the video.

Step 1- Find a cross screw driver and a new hard drive, and hard drive screws. Using the crew driver, unscrew the sides and back of the DVR.

install HDD for security DVR

Step 2- Push the top and take the top off, you will will the internal of DVR.

Step 3- Insert the DVR to proper position, where you can mount the HDD.

find the proper position to mount the HDD

Step 4- Turn back the DVR unit, and using the Hard Drive screws provided to mount the HDD.

using screws to mount HDD

Step 5- Connect the power cable and SATA to the Hard drive and motherboard.

dvr with hdd

Step 6- Close up the DVR, and put back the top cover, and screwing in the screws.

Notes: After finish the installation,  you need to power on the DVR and connect it to a monitor, then go to menu to check if the DVR can detect the new HDD.  If it can not detect the new HDD, you need to power off the DVR, then unplug and plug the SATA and Power Cable.

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