Wireless DIY alarm systems for home

new design alarm systems for home

Install a security alarm system can be the effective way to make your home secure against intrusion. Nowadays wireless alarm systems are the number one alarm kit installed in majority of residential houses. The installation of wireless alarm system is simple, but secure.

Keep away from intrusion
The alarm panel is build in GSM communicator and it can supports GSM and Telephone line.  Come with big full-message LCD screen and touch pad for easy operation. Working with high-tech intrusion detection sensor, the alarm system can deterrent the intruders, the new designed wireless motion sensor adopts the dual-element low noise PIR sensor, come with true temperature compensation. It can detect the human movement and reduce the false alarm effectively.  Wireless alarm system work with perimeter beam sensor, it can provide invisible fence around your property, and it can keep away the intruder entering inside your home and leave your home safe.

Easy installation

The advantages of wireless alarm system is every sensors and accessories communicate with alarm panel via wireless frequency, and the alarm panel transmit out alarm signal via GSM. It enables user to install the alarm system without any wires and cables. There will be no need to remove the decoration carpets or drilling holes.

No monitoring contract

Different from other alarm system, our wireless alarm system built-in GSM communicator, typically the system can preset five phone numbers for alarm receiving. The phone number can be home owner or your neighbor's.  When the alarm goes off, the alarm system will call you and send you test message.  In addition, you can use your phone to remote activate and de-activate your system. Now your property in your pocket.

New wireless diy alarm systems

This system supplied with basic sensors and accessories for small residential house.

  • 30 programmable zones alarm panel (GSM plus PSTN)
  • 2 keyfob
  • 1 wireless PIR motion sensor
  • 1 wireless magnetic contact
  • Batteries and accessories, wall mount bracket for installation


  • Support maximum 116 units wireless sensor
  • New elegant housing, with big full-message LCD display
  • Smart touchpad for easy operation
  • Built-in GSM cellular communicator, support GSM and PSTN
  • Preset 5 phone numbers for GSM/PSTN call and SMS
  • Support admin code and user code
  • 30 programmable wireless zones
  • Advanced zone attribute setting
  • Built-in backup battery

Products link: http://www.hkvstar.com/item/gsm-wireless-alarm-system.html

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