Intrusion detectors in museum protection application

Museums are the place to heritage of human history. Artifacts in the museum are crystallization of human, with priceless value on history, art, scientific...etc. Museums offering public exhibition with the risk of burglary (or theft). Burglar alarm system can protect the museum away from theft and fire disaster.

Burglar Alarm System for Museums

Burglar alarm systems consist of various perimeter intrusion detectors (VST, VSE, VSH series of IR beam detectors), all kinds of interrior intrusion detector, other accessories, alarm control panel, and Digital Alarm Receiver with monitoring software (Central Monitoring Station).

Intrusion detectors placement layout in museum

Exteriror Perimeter Area: For the outer of museum area or adhere building outer area, intrusion detectors such as IR beam detector, IR fence barrier, IR infrared wall, Electric fence can be used.

Interior Perimeter Area: Include the museum areas of door, window, ventilation outlets, warehouse, important exhibition wall....etc. The selection intrusion detectors: Outdoor Dual Tech PIR Motion detector, Outdoor Tri-Tech PIR Motion detector, IR Beam detector, IR fence barrier, Glass break detector, vibration detector..etc.

Sensitive Area: The inside of area of inside of museum, such as door, window, corridor, corner, ventilation outlets, ceiling, control room, tool room, financial room...etc. The selection intrusion detectors are IR fence barrier, door/window magnetic contact, glass break detector, vibration detector, Interior PIR Motion detector, Dual Tech PIR...etc.

Artifacts warehouse and exhibition lobby: The warehouse store the un-exhibit artifacts. Select the infrared fence barrier, door/window magnetic contact, vibration detector, PIR motion dtector, Dual Tech PIR, Microwave Motion detector, security glass, security net...etc.

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