GSM based home alarm systems for diy

Install security alarm system to protect your possessions and keep your family safe is very important for every people, whether you run your business or own a house and rent an apartment. Security alarm system can detect intrusion, fire, gas leak, flood, panic and more, it brings you peace in mind, but they can also be expensive with installation fee and monthly monitoring fee. Many security manufacturers are offering the cost-effective wireless alarm systems based on GSM cellular technology for do-it-yourself. GSM based alarm systems do not require sign monitoring contract, also adopts wireless technology, the alarm system can be installed and set up easily. Alarm systems without monitoring contract or self-monitored alarm systems can save you a lot of money and you don’t need to pay thousand dollars for the security, compared with sign monitoring contract with Frontpoint or ADT.

Today, we tested the new design alarm kit G70F, based on GSM cellular technology. The G70F alarm allows user to monitor and control your home or business using phone, smartphone. It works not only with telephone line, but also with GSM SIM card. The alarm system with LCD display and smart touch keypad design, it’s fairly easy to set up and install. When an alarm occurs (or detect abnormal event), the system can notify users via audio call and text message (SMS).

The G70F come with a basic kit and costs $105. The kit includes with self-contained control panel, wireless PIR motion sensors for movement detection, wireless magnetic contacts to monitoring open/close of windows or doors, with two wireless keyfobs for remote activate and disable the system. The most beauty of the alarm system is people can easy to expand the system in accordance with different requirements or installation environment. Example: your can add active infrared beam sensor (cost $18) to protect your perimeter of your residential, or get a external loud siren (cost $20) to deterrent intruders.

Control panel is the brain for the security system. G70F alarm panel is a slim box with stylish design; it can be wall-mounted. Except with LCD display and smart touch keypad design, the alarm panel is equipped with not only telephone dialer (PSTN), but also with GSM cellular communicator. We know communication is the crucial matter for security alarm system. Traditional alarm systems only work with telephone line. Now intruders get smarter, they cut the telephone line, before they entry or break-ins, so traditional alarm system useless when telephone line is cut or with trouble. The same situation will happen for the Ethernet based alarm system, if intruder switch off your power or cut the Ethernet cable, the alarm transmission failure and alarm system is disable. Alarm system based on GSM cellular technology can work as main transmission method or as backup for the alarm transmission, alarm system based on GSM cellular technology are more reliable and flexible, that’s the reason why GSM based alarm systems dominate the alarm system market.

GSM cellular communicator

As we know complicated setup and installation for traditional alarm systems stop DIY users. Thanks to the wireless technology, as soon as I plug the power plug for the control panel and insert the included batteries into sensors, now the alarm system set up complete half. All sensors in the package are already been programmed into alarm panel, so I just need to place them in different position for my residential, then it works. I decided to place the motion sensor to my lobby at 2 meters height for detect interior movement. After complete installation of motion sensor, I cross walk to generate movement for triggering alarm, now alarm panel get a alarm signal.  I put one contact sensors on my front door and one contact sensor to my backyard door. The contact sensors consist two separate parts, one is magnetic strip, and the other is wireless transmitter. The working theory is when magnetic strip move out from transmitter, it will trigger an alarm signal. When install the contact sensor, you should minimize gap distance between magnetic strip and transmitter. By the way, before install the sensor, try to test the sensor to avoid mount transmitter in wrong way.

installation of window/door magnetic contact

Once you finished the sensor’s installation, now it’s time to setup the alarm panel. Firstly change the date and time, then goes to [Auto dialer] menu, input my cellphone number, then select the [SMS report], now it goes to second phone number. The alarm panel can totally pre-set up to 6 phone numbers, one is central monitoring station, and the other 5 phone number is personal number. When an alarm occurs, the alarm system will notify these 6 phone numbers. After finish program phone numbers, I move to entry delay and exit delay setting, siren ON/OFF….and more. With the help of LCD display and intrusion manual, the programming is fast and easy. Finally I need to test the alarm system, use the keyfob or keypad to activate (Arm) the system, then open the front door, now alarm is triggered, the system turn on built-in siren and I get the SMS alert.

If you are looking for the affordable security systems, G70F alarm system can definitely meet your requirements. The alarm system with full features and backup with GSM communicator, setup and installation is very easy. All wireless sensors and accessories are affordable.

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