Unifore EP2845 1080P 2MP IP PTZ camera review

Unifore EP2845 IR IP PTZ dome camera can provide crisp high definition and smooth video streaming, it has advanced PTZ rotation for accurate patrol, fast focus speed to provide detailed images, equipped with alarm input and output, as well as audio I/O for offering integration solution.

Unifore EP2845 IP PTZ camera

Smart IR, no IR-saturation effect

For testing its day/nigth surveillance performance, we put this PTZ camera into dark room, we will adjust the brightness of light for testing its images under different illumination environment. When it's in 10.66Lux, slight noises are emerged from images, but overall images keep clean and crisp, white balance is accurate. Continuing decrease the brightness, when illuminometer indicates 7.34Lux, the camera automatically switch to B/W (night) mode.

Unifore EP2845 Color image 10.66Lux

Color mode under 10.66Lux

Unifore EP2845 B/W image 4.21Lux

B/W mode under 4.21Lux

Additionally, we also tested the smart IR function. When testers constantly approaching to camera from a distance, the dome camera will adjust the brightness of the illuminators, therefore to avoid IR-saturation. At B/W mode, the tester's facial details are clearly identified, the quality of image is excellent. Coordinating with pan/title/zoom features, the camera can adjust its IR level for different distance and zoom times. During the testing procedures, day or night, the camera can provide accurate PTZ rotation features and no preset offset phenomenon, PTZ performance is quite good.

High Definition 1080P

Test limits: 1080P@25fps, 4Mbps
Test 1 - Definition: Making the camera target at resolution test cardboard, both horizontal and vertical resolution are reach 1100TVL, images'edge sharpness can reach 900TVL, then put the camera face the outdoor scene, the camera can provide excellent images without jitters.

Unifore EP2845 Resolution Test

Resolution Test

Test 2 - Color reproduction, grayscale: Making the camera face to 24 color reproduction test cardboard, observe the color, besides pink color has slight reddish, the other colors have accurate color reproduction, then we use the 20 gray-scale level test card, it can identify to 16 grade.

Unifore EP2845 Color Test

Color Reproduction

Test 3 - Network control: Running the stream bit-rate software, making the camera target at outdoor scenes, which have fast racing vehicles in speed of 60-80km/h, except occasional peak, the stream bit-rate is controlled between 4.1 to 4.8Mbps, the average bit-rate is 4.5Mbps, the overall volatility is stable.

Unifore EP2845 network control

Network control

Test 4 - Video latency: Sync the camera time to stopwatch, through multiply screenshots to calculate the average video delay time is approximate 250ms, the optimized time is 227ms, network video latency control is good.

Unifore EP2845 video latency

Network video latency

Test 5 - WDR: When this camera faces to strong light sources, the background brightness is insufficient in normal status, camera is unable to recognize the detail of video test card. After turn on WDR feature, the overall background bright and clarity increased significantly.

Unifore EP2845 wide dynamic range

Wide Dynamic Range

Unifore IR IP network PTZ dome camera. It has neat design, adopts heavy-duty aluminum metal to withstand the extremely weather conditions. The waterproof grade can reach up to IP67, lens has additional wiper for maintaining clean image capture even under rain/snow weather conditions. It is equipped with 3rd generation array LEDs for long range infrared illumination. Regarding to the interface, this camera includes with Alarm input/output, Audio input/output, and BNC, RJ45 Ethernet and Reset button.

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