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Green technology on security solar powered perimeter alarm systems

Solar is one of most clean and green energy in the earth. Solar panel is made of silicon, silicon is a kind of material largely exist on the earth. The function of solar panel is converting Solar to electricity, but it’s Direct Voltage (not Alternative Voltage). Monolithic rigid thin film solar panel have a sunlight conversion rate of 15% (up to 18%). Due to sunlight is changing every seconds, so the output of voltage from Solar panel is not stable. That’s the reason you can not directly connect the solar panel to some electronic device.

Charge controller is a electronic device between solar panel and battery system.

It serves the function of stabilize the voltage & protect the battery system not over-charged, over-power release…etc.

The power from solar panel need to store to battery system for backup usage (example; at night or weather without enough sunlight), normally using the Lead-acid battery for this application.(DC to AC converter, most of our electric appliance are using AC (110V-240) power, so if we need use the solar power for these appliance, then we need it)

If you need more information about solar panel, please check wikepedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_panel

Our Solar powered perimeter alarm system consist of following parts:

  • 1. Silicon Solar Power Panel with Charge controller (power sources or power supply).
  • 2. Lead-acide battery (battery system)
  • 3. Infrared Beam Break Detector (Intrusion detection).
  • 4. Warning device (siren ?or alarm system)

Silicon solar panel provide the power sources for infrared beam break detector and warning device.

At day, infrared beam break sensor and warning device will using the power from solar panel. At night, they using the power from lead-acid battery.

Infrared beam break detector adopts the invisible laser technology, it consist of receiver and transmitter. They can be installed outside of building for perimeter protection. When intruder break the beam, it will send out the signal (N.C, Relay output). If you want to use solar alarm system as driveway system, then you can connect the infrared beam detector to a siren. If you connect to a set of alarm system, then it can inform user when alarm is triggered.

Now due to the energy shortage and oil price is soaring, solar energy is the good option (it may be a expensive option for some people).

Using solar power technology, perimeter alarm system without need to run AC power come with cable, so it’s came be realize the totally wireless solution for perimeter protection.

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