Infinova V1772N-20T-AT 2MP IP PTZ Camera Reveiw

Today, we are going to test the Infinova V1772N-20T-AT HD IP network camera with smart tracking function. It adopts 1/2.8" CMOS progressive scan CMOS image sensor, supporting H.264 High profile/M-JPEG codec to support maximum 1080P real time high definition video, excellent performance for monitoring. This camera supports 24 hours day/night surveillance, it can capture clean images even under low illumination condition, cooperation with its flexible PTZ control, as well as its smart tracking function, this PTZ camera can be used in many monitoring applications, especially for large surveillance area.

Infinova V1772N-20T-AT HD IP PTZ camera

Heavy-duty aluminum housing design

From its appearance, this model with aesthetic design, medium sized, double aluminum housing for outdoor usage, heavy-duty metal design for excel heat conduction. This PTZ camera can support both wall-mounted or ceiling installation. All cables are coming from top, cable through bracket to prevent cable cut. It is equipped with many interface, including Ethernet input, BNC video output, Audio I/O, Alarm I/O and so on, all cables with installation marks for friendly installation.

Test its resolution and network performance

For testing its monitoring performance, we connected this camera to PC through the network switch. Login the IP camera through Internet Explorer, and set the resolution to 1080P, Bitrate 4Mbps, frame per second 25. Under this condition to test its resolution and color reproduction capability, as well as network performance.

Image quality

Making the camera point to outside traffic road, monitoring the people and vehicles, this camera can capture high resolution images without dropped frames. Then, we used the resolution test card for measuring its resolution. We can see the horizontal and vertical resolution both reach up to over 900TVL, and grayscale reaches to 10 level, color reproduction basically is accurate.

Infinova V1772N-20T-AT HD IP PTZ camera Resolution Testing

Network performance

Under 1080P configuration, run the bitrate measuring software, we can know its video streaming bitrate is controlled between 4-4.8Mbps, its bitrate is excellent, can reduce the load of network bandwidth. Now using the stopwatch, through three screenshots, we can calculate the delay time is 310ms, 300ms, 310ms.

Infinova V1772N-20T-AT Bitrate Control Performance

20x optical zoom with PTZ

This camera has advanced Pan/Tilt/Zoom features, it can support horizontal rotation in 360 degree without blind spots, horizontal rotation can be 0-90 degree, and supports maximum 254 presets, up to 4 programmable scan patterns, 4 programmable horizontal scan, 6 cruises, images with mirror function. Additionally, this camera support optical zoom and digital zoom. Making the camera point to several kilometers away of Grand Skylight Hotel, after 20x optical zoom, the camera can see the hotel name. After that, we tested its PTZ function, we have found this camera can provide accurate rotation and the automatic cruise run smoothly.

Infinova V1772N-20T-AT 20x Optical Zoom

Automatic day/night switching

Login its configuration page through Internet Explorer, we could see Infinova V1772N-20T-AT owns full features including day/night swich, wide dynamic range. For testing these function, we put the camera point to the strong light, a small doll is inside the light, then we compare the difference between images when WDR is turned off and turned on. Through above comparison, we can see the increasing of brightness after WDR is turned on. Then, we set the camera to auto day/night modes, put the camera into dark boss, decreasing the brightness to 1.5Lux, the camera switches from color mode to B/W (night) color mode, when illumination reduced to 0.01Lux, the camera still can capture high quality images.

Infinova V1772N-20T-AT Night Vision

Smart tracking function

Another feature of this camera is its powerful smart video analysis. In its configuration menu, we can enable its auto tracking function, incorporated with accurate PTZ control, this camera can effectively track people or vehicles. The configuration setting includes tracking types, tracking strategies, tracking area, three-dimensional scaling...etc.

Infinova V1772N-20T-AT Auto Tracking

This IP camera with stable network performance, and it can output remarkable 1080P HD video, with unique smart tracking function for intelligent video analysis and monitoring. But we think it need to improve its color reproduction performance.

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