Dahua Outdoor IP PTZ 30x dome camera DH-SD6A82C-HN review

Today we are gonna test the DH-SD6A82C-HN IP pan/tilt/zoom dome camera from Dahua. DH-SD6A8C2-HN adopts heavy-duty aluminum housing design with white color paint, reasonable structure, Dahua's logo presents in the middle of dome housing, several high power infrared LEDs are located besides of lens, the new LED can provide up to 200 meters illumination range. IP66 rated weatherproof design and its excellent day/night surveillance performance, this model can be widely used in a wide range of video surveillance applications which require high definition monitoring under no light or low light conditions, these applications can be road traffic, railways, airports, shipping ports and public squares, parks, scenic areas, streets and parking lot, as well as large venues...and more.

Dahua IP PTZ zome camera 30x DH-SD6A82C-HN

This model adopts quick assemble structure, and with anti-drop design, it has rich interfaces including RJ45 Ethernet port, AC24V input, analog BNC video output, audio I/O and alarm I/O. By the way, this camera support front-end SD card storage, SD card slot is located inside of dome, this can help user to solve the problems of disruption of network connection.

DH-SD6A82C-HN Interface

Testing: Clear image with superb IR effect

Dahua DH-SD6A82C-HN adopts Sony 1/2.8 inch progressive scan high performance CMOS image sensor, supports H.264 video codec, and can achieve real time 1080P/720P high definition monitoring. Under 720P resolution, the frame per second can be 50. During the testing, we have chosen 1080P resolution at 25fps, CBR4Mbps bitrate settings, then test its resolution, color reproduction and network performance.

Horizontal resolution

Under the 1080P resolution, observing the monitoring images, this camera can deliver crystal images, details of static and motion objects are very clear, using the resolution testing card, we can measure its horizontal and vertical resolution can reach up to 1000 TV lines, the edge resolution can reach 900 TV lines, and grayscale can reach up to 10 grade. Through using the 24 color reproduction test card, the color reproduction of this camera is overall accurate, except a few colors are subdued.

DH-SD6A82C-HN Resolution Test

Super wide dynamic range performance

This PTZ camera supports wide dynamic range function, it can allow camera work under strong light or high light contrast environments, enable this function through operating its OSD menu, then put the camera target to strong light, observing the monitoring images when enable and disable the WDR function. When the WDR is enabled, the object is visible in the light lamp, and background scene is also visible. The overall images improved significantly.

24 hours day/night monitoring

This model is equipped with infrared LEDs to meet the needs for day/night surveillance. During the test, we use the dark box to simulate the low light environment, the camera will automatically switch to night (B/W) mode when light decreased to 10Lux, the Infrared LEDs switch on. Turn off the light of dark box, the infrared light works perfectly, no IR-saturation effect, and its noise reduction feature also enhanced the overall images.

Multiply surveillance functions

This 30x optical zoom camera support electrical defog function, and new Anti-strong light feature, which enable it to be suitable to capture vehicle plate license, support many smart video analysis functions including zone intrusion detection, motion detection, and compatible with Onvif standard, easy to integrate into network surveillance system.

30x optical zoom with flexible PTZ control

This is pan/tilt/zoom dome camera, it is suitable for large area video monitoring, and its horizontal rotation range can be 0~360°, vertical rotation (tilt) range is -10°~90°, supports auto flip function, optical zoom can reach up to 30x, its PTZ function is very powerful. From its datasheet, this camera can support 256 presets, 8 cruise patterns, each patterns can add up to 32 presets, automatically scan, horizontal scan...etc basic PTZ functions also are supported. Moreover, this camera support FD 3D positioning function, it can accurately capture objects, easy to use. During the real test, we zoom in the camera to its max value (30x), camera targets to a few kilometers away billboard, then check its captured images, we can see the words on billboard are clear. Following with testing of its presets, after several continuous running (rotating), we can find this camera can provide accurate rotation and with fast speed focus features. By the way, this PTZ camera support digital image stabilizer function to enhance stability of images.

DH-SD6A82C-HN 30x Optical Zoom

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