[Video] 5 Megapixel 2560*1920 IP Camera Dahua DH-IPC-HFW5502

IPC-HFW5502C from Dahua, it's a high definition network camera which delivers 5 megapixel ultra high definition video. This camera is equipped DC motorized 4-9mm vari-focal lens, and infrared illuminators to capture images at day and night. IPC-HFW5502C is a high-end IP camera, which is ideal for residence, grocery store, hotel, factory, bank, school and more places where require high definition video monitoring.

4/8CH HDCVI DVR - Dahua DH-HCVR5104C-S2 Pro Smart 1U

Introducing the DH-HCVR5104C-S2 to you, this is a hybrid video recorder for Pro smart product portfolio. This new design security video recorder is based on Linux operation system, It supports video recording for HDCVI camera, traditional analog camera, as well as IP camera at 720p HD resolution.

4K AHD/CVI/TVI cameras are not yet to come

4K Security Cameras

4K IP camera is the hot topic during the recent two years. As the main trend, the global top HD video solution providers such as Ambarella and Hisilicon developed and launched SoC processors which featuring 4K video encoding and decoding capability, at the same time, many leading video surveillance brands launched new high-end IP cameras supporting 4K ultra high definition resolution. Will 4K ultra resolution analog cameras be available in the surveillance market soon? Well, the answer is 4K analog cameras isn't yet to come.

Dahua vs. Hikvision

Dahua & Hikvision Network Camera Reviews by Carl

Recent years, the video surveillance market keeps going through fierce market competition, especially among different low-cost Chinese brands. Because the huge decrease on the price of HD network video surveillance equipment, this makes global buyers better off if comparing with the old analog era. Among these brands, undoubtedly Dahua and Hikvision are the shining stars.

Dahua Wireless Alarm System

Dahua alarm systems offering video alarm integrated solution

Based on Dahua’s latest news report, the company has established the cooperation with Ivideon to provide flexible cloud video storage to both professional and consumer users. Just not long time ago, the company launched wireless alarm systems along with diversity wireless detectors and accessories to the security market. Both Dahua and Hikvision recently expand their business scopes fast this dues to the IP video surveillance market has hit the plateau, meanwhile the growth pace becomes slow.

Dahua DH-IPC-HF8281E low illumination IP camera review

DH-IPC-HF8281E is latest IP camera from Dahua. This low illumination for this camera is excellent. It is suitable for indoor day/night surveillance in shopping malls without extra light sources.

Dahua DH-IPC-HF8281E

Dahua DVR/NVR Password Recovery/Reset

Smart Wi-Fi Cameras with PIR Motion Sensor

If you happen to lost the password of your Dahua DVR or can't remember it, you can contact the Dahua technical support team or you can use the software to generate a temporary password which allows you to access the DVR instantly. If you firstly use the Dahua DVR, but don’t know the default account info, please try the following default accounts:

Dahua HDCVI 4MP Cameras

Dahua HDCVI 4MP CCTV Cameras Groundbreaking Tech

Although IP surveillance systems have already replaced the analog CCTV system as the today’s mainstream in video surveillance industry, many users still choose the analog HD cctv system, on the one hand replacing the existing analog system is cumbersome, on the other hand, today you have many choices to upgrade the existing SD CCTV systems to HD with minimum investment. Despite this, analog system can provide nearly zero delay on video transmission, now it follows up and the supported the resolution can reach 5 megapixel. 

Dahua introduced panoramic view 2MP IP dome camera E-200

Panoramic viewing become popular in current video surveillance market. As one of pioneer security camera manufacturers - Dahua; also introduced its first panoramic viewing IP dome camera on December 2014, this new product's model is E-200, which is a high definition panoramic viewing IP camera. Dahua's E-200 2MP IP camera adopts compact and simple design, supports video capturing, encoding and streaming functions, without using extra equipment, it can broadcast video streaming on Internet. Utilizing several different video compression technologies, the camera can deliver high quality images and audio under low bit-rate, hence saving network bandwidth. This camera can work standalone, or connects to IP surveillance system. It's widely used in home, office, bank, even road traffic and more different places.

Dahua launched IR Wavelength 940nm IP PTZ Dome Camera

Dahua IP PTZ Dome Camera

When traditional IR cameras work at night, the infrared Illuminators will glow red. Intending to avoid IR camera being mistakenly treated as a signal light, Dahua launched new generation no IR-glow starlight IP PTZ dome cameras SD-6C3223U-HN-R and SD-6A9230UA-HNI-R. These two IP PTZ dome cameras are applied to transportation field.

Dahua Outdoor IP PTZ 30x dome camera DH-SD6A82C-HN review

Today we are gonna test the DH-SD6A82C-HN IP pan/tilt/zoom dome camera from Dahua. DH-SD6A8C2-HN adopts heavy-duty aluminum housing design with white color paint, reasonable structure, Dahua's logo presents in the middle of dome housing, several high power infrared LEDs are located besides of lens, the new LED can provide up to 200 meters illumination range. IP66 rated weatherproof design and its excellent day/night surveillance performance, this model can be widely used in a wide range of video surveillance applications which require high definition monitoring under no light or low light conditions, these applications can be road traffic, railways, airports, shipping ports and public squares, parks, scenic areas, streets and parking lot, as well as large venues...and more.

Disassemble Dahua CCTV Camera CA-FW191I 1.3Mega HDIS 800TVL

Introducing the Dahua CA-FW191I HD analog camera which adopts latest Aptina0130 1/3" progressive scan CMOS image sensor (1.3 megapixel HDIS) to deliver high resolution of 800TVL [1280(H)x960(V), equal 960P IP Camera]. This camera is based on Fullhan 8520 DSP with features of Digital wide dynamic range (DWDR), 2D+3D digital noise reduction. This camera can deliver crystal images without video latency. By the way, it supports UTC function, user can control the menu over coaxial cable. CA-FW191I is equipped with 2.7~9mm motorized zoom lens.

Dahua Explosion-proof Thermal Imaging Camera

Explosion proof thermal imaging security cameras

In explosion hazardous locations due to flammable gases, dust and liquid, according to the national safety regulation and standard, all the electrical equipment should have explosion proof design, this can prevent those equipment will not initiate an explosion. On the other hand, there is an increasing need for controlling temperature in industrial manufacturing. The traditional adoption of temperature sensor and security guard patrol has disadvantages of instability and low efficiency, this reality pushes industry to seek a more convenient, more reliable, more accurate detecting method.

HD-CVI DVR Technology Dahua DH-HCVR1604HG-SF Tested

As we know, traditional close circuit television system only can achieve 625TVL in theory, but after the introduction of 960H, and latest HDCVI technology, now user can achieve true analog high definition monitoring. Technology from Dahua, HDCVI HD analog technology can achieve full HD 1080P video surveillance, through video transmission through coaxial cable. Today, we are going to introduce Dahua HDCVI DVR with our readers

Panoramic network camera: video surveillance 360º

Megapixel Panoramic Network Camera

Panoramic security camera is a new type of video surveillance camera that attracts consumer interest. Compared with conventional security cameras, a panoramic camera perhaps is the most best choice when a 360º monitoring is required. In such kind of monitoring place, instead of installing several security cameras, you only need to use one set of panoramic camera to have the entire area covered, which helps the user reduce the budget, installation and maintenance burden.

Review and test 2MP outdoor IP camera Dahua DH-IPC-HFW8281D

Dahua - one of professional video surveillance equipment manufacturers in China. Today, we are going to test the Dahua's latest DH-IPC-HFW8281D, which is a 2 megapixel low illumination IP camera with dual infrared LED illuminators. It comes with advanced smart video analysis functions, the overall performance is excellent. Our suggestion to this product is adding external automatic focus function for convenient onsite installation.

Test & review: Dahua 4K UHD H.265 IP camera DH-IPC-HF81230E

4K H.265 IP Camera - Dahua DH-IPC-HF81230E

4K ultra high definition and H.265 are two main trend in today's video surveillance industry. IP cameras deliver 4K ultra high definition images can provide amazing detail even when zoomed-in. The 4K image resolution is 4 times larger than 1080p image resolution, so installing a 4K IP camera can replace 4 sets of 1080p IP cameras to cover the whole surveillance area. H.265 is the latest video compression format which has can save up to 50% network bandwidth and video storage, when compared with the existing H.264 standard.

Top 10 Best Home Security IP Camera

Bring the users peace of mind, home security camera is the ideal security device not only for premises protection but, mostly, for watching over pets and family members. IP camera becomes the prevalent solution among today's home surveillance applications. Compared with traditional analog CCTV system and the current analog HD surveillance system, the IP camera supports remote monitoring through smart phone devices, as well as hassle-free installation with P2P or Cloud storage.

Vehicle Digital Video Recorder DH-DVR0404ME-D Dahua Introduction

Today, we are going to introduce the digital video recorder for vehicle, Model: DH-DVR0404ME-D from Dahua. This video recorder is dedicated to provide vehicle video surveillance solution, it inherits Dahua original advanced technology, and full features, can meet the needs of all types of vehicle video surveillance applications. The most significant improvement is enhanced wireless transmission in both 4G and WiFi, enable it achieve high resolution, real time video transmission, wireless transmission is no longer a bottleneck.

Dahua DH-DVR0404ME-D Vehicle DVR Front View