Dahua IP PTZ Dome Camera

Dahua launched IR Wavelength 940nm IP PTZ Dome Camera

When traditional IR cameras work at night, the infrared Illuminators will glow red. Intending to avoid IR camera being mistakenly treated as a signal light, Dahua launched new generation no IR-glow starlight IP PTZ dome cameras SD-6C3223U-HN-R and SD-6A9230UA-HNI-R. These two IP PTZ dome cameras are applied to transportation field.

Normal PTZ IR camera: utilizing wavelength 850nm IR LED, will glow red when working at night.
No IR-glow PTZ camera: utilizing wavelength 940nm IR LED, complete invisible when working at night.

Dahua new IP PTZ IR dome camera adopts SMD IR LEDs as IR illuminators featuring long range IR, high power, smart-IR.

Product advantages

  • Concealment: will not glow red, no visible light
  • Super light vision:  starlight level low illumination, excellent night vision
  • Smart analytics: virtual intrusion detection, face detection, smart motion track
  • Interoperability: rich peripheral interfaces, can ensure the interoperability
  • Durable quality: IP67 ingress protection, 8000v anti-surge / lightning protection

IR performance test result

10 Meters Distance - IR Performance
10 Meters IR
20 Meters Distance - IR Performance
20 Meters IR
100 Meters Distance - IR Performance
100 Meters IR

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