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Vehicle Digital Video Recorder DH-DVR0404ME-D Dahua Introduction

Today, we are going to introduce the digital video recorder for vehicle, Model: DH-DVR0404ME-D from Dahua. This video recorder is dedicated to provide vehicle video surveillance solution, it inherits Dahua original advanced technology, and full features, can meet the needs of all types of vehicle video surveillance applications. The most significant improvement is enhanced wireless transmission in both 4G and WiFi, enable it achieve high resolution, real time video transmission, wireless transmission is no longer a bottleneck.

Dahua DH-DVR0404ME-D Vehicle DVR Front View

Designed for vehicle monitoring

When look Dahua DH-DVR0404ME-D vehicle digital video recorder at first sight, users will be attracted to its brown paint and aluminum metal housing, adopting the easy cooling heatsink design, added with full sealed and dust-proof protective cover, IP protection grade reaches up to IP54, can meet the dusty environments in carriages.

Simplicity front design, and A USB interface and Ethernet port are located on the left side of recorder with removable cover. A plug-and-play HDD interface on the middle, it supports one laptop HDD, maximum storage size is 1.5TB, easy to allow user plug out the HDD to copy data; Below the HDD, there are power, video channel, and wireless connection status LED indicators.

Dahua DH-DVR0404ME-D Vehicle DVR Back View

On the rear panel, it has four analog video inputs and one video output, these interfaces adopt clincher connectors for reliable connection. On the right side, it is equipped with extension connector for vehicle keypad or car cam recorder, alarm input/output, PTZ control with RS485/CAN interfaces, and VGA interface for local video output, 6-36V wide voltage power interface; and for wireless applications, it supports both 3G/4G, has one WiFi interface, additionally, it has one SD card slot for on-board storage.

Good vehicle adaption

After disassemble it, this recorder inherits anti-vibration structure. The 2.5 inch laptop HDD box has four elastic rubbers to reduce the vibration; Meanwhile, the hard drive connection adopts "Tightly wound hyperbolic jack", make the hard drive is always in close contact with the DVR. Except the adoption of mechanical anti-vibration design, it has electronic anti-vibration and software buffer design, three technologies to enhance overall performance, to ensure the reliability of HDD's reading and recording.

The stability of power supply for vehicle is very important, how will this DVR to handle? DH-DVR0404ME-D adopts wide voltage adaption design, its range from 6V to max. 36V, during this test, when we adjust the input voltage between 6-36V, this DVR is working properly, it didn't affect the video recording, and images weren't interfered on LCD.

Since the vehicle has complexity circuit environment, interference is unavoidable, we used the high power and magnetic interference to interfere this DVR, from testing, this DVR has good anti-interference capability and images weren't affected.

Dahua DH-DVR0404ME-D Vehicle DVR Voltage Testing

Overcome the bottlenecks, smooth video wireless transmission

Wireless transmission is a barrier to allow user employ the vehicle surveillance solution, Does this DH-DVR0404ME-D can give us a surprise? Can it provide real time and high resolution images?

Set the DVR's video recorder parameters with WD1/25fps/1Mbps, firstly utilizing 4G transmission. During the test, we found that this vehicle DVR is able to provide smooth high resolution video, its quality as same as local video. Particularly, during the video transmission, there is no lagging and jumping effect.

Then we switched to WiFi transmission mode, we could get the same result as the 4G transmission mode. Furthermore, during video transmission, we could see this DVR was using Satellite for GPS positioning, LCD displays the precise coordinates.

Dahua DH-DVR0404ME-D Vehicle DVR Video Monitoring

Accurate encoding, high resolution playback

To check its encoding performance, we plug a 960H video into this DVR, and set its encoding parameters to WD1/25fps/1Mbps. After the connection, we did the comparison between real time video footage and recorded video footage, generally, both color and resolution kept same; Thanks to vehicle cameras which can provide high contrast images, it allows DVR provide high resolution video surveillance. During testing, we also found from video preview to recording, its video latency time within 150ms. Whatever you login its web interface or PC software, this vehicle DVR can provide you high quality images with true color reproduction, without lagging and frame losing phenomenons.

This model is professional onboard storage equipment for vehicle with mature technology, supporting video compressing, wireless network, GPS and Anti-shock/vibration technologies. Except above functions, this vehicle DVR supports vehicle status log (Speed, brake, revert, car door open...etc), supporting motion detection/video loss detection/video masking and abnormal temperature monitoring/voltage monitoring...etc smart analysis, it has built-in gravity sensor to allow system report alarm when the vehicle rollovers.

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