HD-CVI DVR Technology Dahua DH-HCVR1604HG-SF Tested

As we know, traditional close circuit television system only can achieve 625TVL in theory, but after the introduction of 960H, and latest HDCVI technology, now user can achieve true analog high definition monitoring. Technology from Dahua, HDCVI HD analog technology can achieve full HD 1080P video surveillance, through video transmission through coaxial cable. Today, we are going to introduce Dahua HDCVI DVR with our readers

Design and interface

Dahua DH-HCVR1604HG-SF


This model has same appearance with traditional DVR from Dahua

Dahua DH-HCVR1604HG-SF Rear Panel

Dahua HD-CVI DVR Video/Audio Alarm I/O interface

It contains 16 channel video input (BNC), 16 channel audio input (BNC), Dual HDMI 1080P video output interface, and VGA video output, e-SATA interface for unlimited expandable storage space, USB ports, full featured. Among them, HDMI2 HD video output can support separate partition matrix output. Additionally, this model has dual network card design for achieving LAN and WAN network monitoring simultaneously.

Dahua DH-HCVR1604HG-SF Internal Design

Four powerful codec processors

Open and remove the upper cover, we can see there are four Dahua design HD-CVI chip-set, they are core component to support maximum 16 channel HDCVI HD video demodulation. Besides all HD inputs, the supported storage capacity is also impressive, without connection of external storage device, this HD-CVI can support 8 pieces of HDD (4TB per HDD), maximum storage space can reach up to 32TB.

Recording performance - over 1000TVL HD resolution

Multiply standards signal input; DH-HCVR1604HG-SF can support composite signal input. For testing, we connect it to HDCVI, 960H, D1 three different analog signal, through configuration of recording on menu, this HD-CVI can display all the channels properly. Set all the channels to "HD", this model can support maximum 16 channel 1080P HDCVI cameras.

Dahua DH-HCVR1604HG-SF Resolution Test

Crystal images with over 1000 TVL

Making the HDCVI (1080P) point to resolution test card, through DVR's IE client processing, the horizontal resolution of real time video is 1050TVL, vertical resolution reaches 1000TVL, edge definition is close to 900TVL, offering 10 grad< gray-scale.

Checking the processed video footage from DVR, use it to compare with color reproduction test card, the color reproduction is normal, no obvioius color distortion.

Put the camera target to outdoor scene, set the camera's parameter to 1080P/25fps/4Mbps, the camera can output high definition and high sharpness real time images, video playing smoothly without interruption.

Dahua DH-HCVR1604HG-SF Video Monitoring

Real time monitoring image

video transmission through coaxial and UTP cable

This DVR can use both coaxial and UTP cables for video transmission. During test, the HDCVI camera connects to DVR with a 300 meters 75-3Ω coaxial cable, we have found that the image keeps same quality which is close to short-distance video transmission. But when we connect the camera to DVR with a 200 meters UTP cable for connection, we could see the image becomes a slight poor.

Furthermore, the HD-CVI technology with strong anti-interference feature, we put a connecting/dialing phone near to video transmission cable, we didn't see the interference noise on monitoring images.

Dahua DH-HCVR1604HG-SF Video latency test

Video Latency Test

Making the camera point to stopwatch,we can test its average video delay time is approximate 340ms - 360ms; which is belong to normal range.

Dahua DH-HCVR1604HG-SF Video Playback

Video Playback

Video playback

1. Quick search: Through channel, time, it's easy to inquire recorded footage, click "Play" button can playback the video footage. Clicking on timeline, video playback fast, no response delay or jam.

2. Streaming payback buffer: During playback, running bitrate test software, we have noticed this DVR adopts streaming video buffer technology, it can automatically choose suitable network streaming resolution, bitrate for different network bandwidth.

3. Lossless video playback: Backup the recorded video footage and doing the comparison with real time footage, both of them with same image quality; resolution, color, video streaming are accordance.

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