Dahua panoramic view IP dome camera E-200

Dahua introduced panoramic view 2MP IP dome camera E-200

Panoramic viewing become popular in current video surveillance market. As one of pioneer security camera manufacturers - Dahua; also introduced its first panoramic viewing IP dome camera on December 2014, this new product's model is E-200, which is a high definition panoramic viewing IP camera. Dahua's E-200 2MP IP camera adopts compact and simple design, supports video capturing, encoding and streaming functions, without using extra equipment, it can broadcast video streaming on Internet. Utilizing several different video compression technologies, the camera can deliver high quality images and audio under low bit-rate, hence saving network bandwidth. This camera can work standalone, or connects to IP surveillance system. It's widely used in home, office, bank, even road traffic and more different places.

2.0MP resolution clear images

This new model adopts a 1/2.9" progressive scan CMOS image sensor as its core component, equipped a 1.25mm panoramic viewing/fisheye lens, matched with "Davinci" high performance digital signal processor (DSP), its maximum resolution reaches up to 1920x1080, and can deliver 1080p@30fps. Besides, it supports dual streaming. Before testing this camera, we set its video parameter: FPS=30fps, Resolution=1080p.

Image quality: In order to measure its video streaming performance, we install the camera to view the street, then check the image quality on display, the overall images are clear with high color contrast, but the viewing angel is a bit narrow. After that, technician make the camera monitor the 24** color reproduction testing card. Through watching the video on monitor/display, the color reproduction is accurate and vivid.

Dahua Panoramic Viewing

High quality images, but viewing angel is a bit narrow

Dahua E-200 Color Reproduction Test

Color is accurate and vivid

Network performance: Then, our technician moved the camera from outdoor to indoor, through screen-capturing technique to measure its video latency data is 300ms, 310ms, 300ms, which means it can meet the real time monitoring requirement. After this, we used the bit-rate software to monitor its bitrate, its bitrate had been stabilized around 4.3mbps. Overall, this camera's network bandwidth is good.

Dahua IPC Video Latency

Through measurement, its video delay time is approximate 310ms

Dahua IPC Bitrate

Bitrate is approximate 4.3Mbps

Good Night Vision Performance

Night vision becomes essential requirement for users, we continued to test what its performance when camera is under low illumination. Foremost, we put the camera into the test dark box to simulate low illumination performance, also make camera view the doll (the door is 0.7 meter away from camera). Then decreasing the brightness of inner box, observing images's change. Before illumination decreased to 0.3Lux, the overall images kept clear and vivid, the doll is still recognizable, but camera switched to B/W mode when illumination decreased to 13Lux.

Dahua IPC Low Illumination Performance

0.3Lux Low illumination, doll is still visiable

Support ePTZ Function

ePTZ is virtual PTZ function, it's one of special function for panoramic viewing IP cameras. On single view mode, ePTZ will be activated, now, making the 2 meters away magzine as the target, after pan, tilt, zoom, we can still recognize its name. By the way, the ePTZ is very fast, no time delay. As we know, panoramic viewing lens captures distorted images, it's not suitable for human eye's viewing, which requires software to correct distortion. Making the camera view the distortion testing card, we could see the central part displays correctly, but on edge part still exists distortion.

Dahua IPC ePTZ

Dahua IPC ePTZ

In conclusion, this is a compact design IP camera, its housing adopts engineer plastic material, supports vandal-resistant, open its dome cover, we could see its inside camera module, there are a huge reset button, and TF/MicroSD card slot design, the camera also support PoE and traditional power input. This is an economical model, which lacks of advanced functions, also viewing angle is a bit narrow.

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