Dahua Explosion-proof Thermal Imaging Camera

Explosion proof thermal imaging security cameras

In explosion hazardous locations due to flammable gases, dust and liquid, according to the national safety regulation and standard, all the electrical equipment should have explosion proof design, this can prevent those equipment will not initiate an explosion. On the other hand, there is an increasing need for controlling temperature in industrial manufacturing. The traditional adoption of temperature sensor and security guard patrol has disadvantages of instability and low efficiency, this reality pushes industry to seek a more convenient, more reliable, more accurate detecting method.

Dahua recently released the explosion proof thermal imaging cameras with temperature measuring feature to cater the needs in video surveillance for hazardous locations. The new mode TPC-AEBF5X100 and TPC-AEPT8X20 adopt 304 stainless metal housing, integrated 5th generation thermal imaging sensor, the TPC-AEPT8X20 PTZ camera also has a regular starlight camera for visible light video monitoring, supports ePTZ and high prevision temperature algorithm, they can achieve 24 hours video monitoring, also can effectively prevent explosion accidents caused by product’s electrostatic.

Product Advantages

  1. High performance: adopting 5th generation thermal imaging sensor, can double working efficiency and performance.
  2. Highly proof: nano-grade stainless metal material offers a great anti-explosion performance.
  3. High prevision: upgraded temperature algorithm, measuring temperature accurately.
  4. High quality: all-in-one embedded design, perfect high quality

Functional Features

Utilizing industry-leading Uncooled Microbolometer Detector, featuring high sensitivity, detecting infrared energy level of objects, without visible light or other artificial light, the camera can capture lurking suspicious people in compete darkness condition.

Traditional camera Vs Thermal imaging camera
Traditional camera Vs Thermal imaging camera

Ant-strong light interference

The product uses a starlight CMOS image sensor, with help of wide dynamic range, high light compensation, back-light compensation, the camera can clearly recognize the outline of human or vehicles. Thermal imaging technology compensates traditional camera, using thermal imaging, under strong light, reversing light etc challenge lighting conditions, still ensuring cameras can output clear image with clarity.

Thermal Imaging Technology
Thermal Imaging Technology

Smart video analytics

Seamlessly combing video analytics and temperature algorithm, can achieve high prevision smart analytics function, can effectively distinguish human, vehicle, other objects. Innovative tracking algorithm can automatically or manually track suspicious objects, can support single scene and multi-scene tracking, hot-spot tracking, 3D-positioning, tracking object more conveniently and fast, accurately. Moreover, the product can support fire detecting alarm, line crossing, region enter/exit, can set multiple rules and filter for flexible usage.

Anti-strong Lighting Interference
Anti-strong Lighting Interference

Temperature monitoring

Through complex temperature measuring and calculating to measure the temperature of monitored objects, can output heat-map of each pixel on image, once the temperature exceeds threshold, temperature alarm will be triggered, it’s applied to electricity industry and other special areas where measuring temperature is required. Besides, it offers advanced temperature measuring rules, temperature correction, temperature real-time analysis, log etc functions.

Thermal Detecting - Temperature Monitoring
Thermal Detecting - Temperature Monitoring

As dedicated to hazardous locations, Dahua explosion-proof thermal cameras mainly used in oil drilling, oil field, oil tunnel, refinery factory, chemical factory, military factory, explosives depot and more hazardous places where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to flammable gases, flammable liquid–produced vapors, combustible liquid–produced vapors, combustible dusts, or ignitable fibers/flyings present in the air in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures.

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