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Dahua Wireless Alarm System

Dahua alarm systems offering video alarm integrated solution

Based on Dahua’s latest news report, the company has established the cooperation with Ivideon to provide flexible cloud video storage to both professional and consumer users. Just not long time ago, the company launched wireless alarm systems along with diversity wireless detectors and accessories to the security market. Both Dahua and Hikvision recently expand their business scopes fast this dues to the IP video surveillance market has hit the plateau, meanwhile the growth pace becomes slow.

HIS, the pioneer market research and investigation company has reported that single-product suppliers are increasingly under threat from end-to-end solutions. Growing numbers of integrators are leveraging single-vendor solutions to cut installation costs and reorientate their business model towards more lucrative service and maintenance contracts.

In a nutshell, more and more users will use the different security products from the same vendor/brand. Apparently, both companies realized this trend, therefore shifting their focus on offering a complete security solution to users. Now, both companies are combating with other big beasts such as Honeywell, Tyco, Bosch in the security market.

1#. Dahua Alarm Controller

Dahua Alarm Panel
Dahua Alarm Panel

In our previous article, we introduced the Hikvision alarm system products, here we intend to introduce you the Dahua alarm system products. Offering video surveillance + alarm monitoring security solution are the fundamental goal to both companies. Dahua wireless alarm system including ARC5408C-(C)W and ARC5408B-(C)W.  

ARC5408C-(C)W is an IP video alarm controller, also referred as alarm panel/host, gateway. The controller includes 8 hard-wired zones to connect with various types of hardwired security detectors, and 32 wireless zones to wirelessly connect with wireless security detectors by using supervised two-way communication technology. Offering up to 700m transmission distance is one of key advantages the company tried to emphasize.

In terms of accessories, users can enroll up to 8 wireless keypad and 16 wireless remote controls to the system. It can totally work with 4 wireless sirens and 1 hardwired siren.  This controller also can provide video recording solution like a DVR/NVR. It’s able to record 4-channel video simultaneously with supported image resolution up to 1280x720. 

2#. How the controller will notify users?

The controllers has an Ethernet port, it supports alarm monitoring through TCP/IP protocol, the WCDMA (-C) model can insert a SIM card, so that the controller can use cellular network to transfer alarm information. PSTN is also supported, users can connect the controller to the landline/telephone.

ARC5408B-(C)W shares the exact same functionalities and features. However, ARC5408B-(C)W adopts the plastic housing design which make it suitable for indoor and residential applications. ARC5408C-(C)W has a metal cabinet to fit the commercial applications.

3#. Dahua PIR motion & magnetic contact sensors

Dahua Wireless PIR Motion Detector
Dahua Wireless PIR Motion Detector

Dahua wireless alarm detectors portfolio includes wireless PIR motion sensor and wireless door/window sensors.  ARD1611-W and ARD1231-W are wireless PIR motion detectors, ARD1611-W is a CR123A battery powered wireless curtain PIR motion sensor, it offers 15 degree narrow detection angle. It can recreate a super narrow protective screen of 15 degree (like a curtain) to secure openings and open fields against intruders. Curtain PIR detectors allows free movement of people within the protected site without setting off an alarm.  ARD1231-W is a wide angle PIR motion sensor offering max. 90 degree detection scope. It features 18kg pet-immunity suitable for interior protection. 

ARD311-W is a wireless door/window magnetic contact (wireless reed switch). It provide the reliable detection for any close and open objects. The magnetic contact offers screw or “glue to mount” two installation methods. It’s suitable for perimeter protection.

4#. Dahua Keypad, Siren, Keyfob

Dahua Wireless Strobe Siren
Dahua Wireless Strobe Siren

Wireless accessories including the newly released wireless alarm keypad ARK20C-MW, it’s also 2x CR123A batteries powered keypad can last for 1.5 years, the keypad has LCD display and numerical keypad design, quite user-intuitive, using the keypad users can remotely Arm/Disarm the system. ARA20-W is a wireless remote control (keyfob), including arm/stay arm/disarm/SoS four buttons.  ARA10-W is a completely wireless strobe siren, it’s powered by 4x CR123A batteries can last for 1.5 years.

All wireless products adopt the 433MHz ISM band. Wireless security detectors and accessories also can work with Dahua 3 megapixel IP cameras. It seems our business is threatening by the rise of Hikvision and Dahua low-cost products, we have confidence that our burglar alarm and video surveillance products are still popular because we concentrate on niche market.

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