Hikvision DS-2CD4065F-A 6MP IP camera review

With purpose of dominating high end video surveillance market. Hikvision launched new Smart IPC series into its IP cameras portforlio. Today, we are going to test the DS-2CD4065F-(A) IP camera from Hikvision. This new model with dimension design of (L)137mmx(W)69.8x(H) 58mm, weight 830g. This mini square sharp with white painted aluminum housing, very neat design. This camera is equipped with HV1140D-8MPIR 8 megapixel HD lens to encure the its high quality image resolution.

Hikvision DS-2CD4065F-A 6MP IP camera

Test 1: 6 megapixel resolution

From testing, this camera can capture images with horizontal resolution of 1948TVL, vertical resolution can reach 1981TVL, the edge sharpness can reach 1000TVL; from captured images, the images with tidy edges and without distortion, using the grey-scale card testing, it can reach up to 20 grey-scale level.

Hikvision DS-2CD4065F-A 6MP IP camera Resolution

But during the color reproduction testing, we have found its orange red color was subdued pink, the rest of 23 color scales with accurate reproduction. Making the camera point to traffic road, and monitoring the video through 4K monitor, the images are very clear, with wide viewing angle, accurate color reproduction. Then observing the moving objects in the video, except the fast running vehicles (speed >60km/h) are slight jammed, the streets and low speed running vehicles are running smoothly.

Hikvision DS-2CD4065F-A 6MP IP camera Color Reproduction

Concerning to the network testing, it controls video streaming with average bitrate speed of approximate 8.2Mbps in 6MP/25fps resolution bit-rate 8Mbps setting, but sometime the bit-rate will surge to 12.5Mbps peak. After using the electronic stopwatch, we can measure its optimum video latency is 312ms, the average is 400ms.

Test 2 Performance in day/night modes

Back light compensation testing: Draw the curtains and turn off the lights, and then point the camera toward strong light source, when BLC is turned off, the scene become dark and unclear, after turn on the BLC, the scene's brightness get improved significantly, and monitored scene is clear.

Wide dynamic range testing: When WDR is turned off, the light shows a white glow. When enable the WDR, the background becomes clear and the doll appears in the monitoring scene.

Low illumination testing: Put the camera into dark box, With decreasing illumination from 10.35Lux to 2.23Lux, the images keep high quality without visible noise; when illumination reaches to 1.6Lux, the camera switches to B/W (night) mode to provide clean black/white image, under the 0.01 low illumination, the camera still can capture images.

Hikvision DS-2CD4065F-A 6MP IP camera low illumination

Smart IPC for smart monitoring

Defog feature: Simulating the fog scene with human generated fog, point the camera toward outdoor, when defog feature is turned off, we can see the overal images are slightly dim blur, after turned on the defog, it improves overall clarity. Motion detection: This IP camera supports motion detection, tampering alarm, audio/video abnormal detection, scene change detection and other alarm functions. Now we are going to test its motion detection. Enable the motion detection, then config the motion detection parameter and select the detection area for testing, when there are moving objects in the detection area, the camera instantly pickup the event then setoff alarm.

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