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Hikvision DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S) 12MP Panoramic IP Camera

Hikvision 12 megapixel panoramic view IP camera DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S)

The newly released panoramic view IP camera inherited its predecessor's design - DS-2CD6362F-I(V)(S). Hikvision DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S) has the UFO shape design enables camera to be easily mounted on ceiling. This milk white security camera has three infrared illuminators are embedded around the camera's corners and a fisheye lens is located in the center. It's a compact IP camera supports IP66 waterproof and 1K10 vandal-proof.

Take a look at its interface design, this security camera providers RJ45 interface (10M/100M/1000M bps), RS485, DC12V, Audio I/O and Alarm I/O, it has built-in Microphone and Speaker, rich interface, convenient to install and use.

Hikvision DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S) - 12MP panoramic view IP camera

Powerful panoramic view + ePTZ function

DS-2CD 63C2F-I(V)(S) utilizes fisheye lens to provide horizontal 180°(wall mounted), and panoramic 360°(ceiling mounted) video monitoring. Integrated with 12 megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor, it can deliver maximum 4000 x 3072 @ 20 fps or 3072 x 3072 @ 25fps (real-time) ultra high definition image.

Its preview mode allows user to choose panoramic view, 4x ePTZ, panoramic + 3x ePTZ...etc. Under panoramic view mode, it provides wide view angle, while in ePTZ split view mode, images are less disordered, and supports digital zoom to enlarge the image. Besides, according to your requirement you can drag the images to choose different angle, or through ePTZ function to operate, the ePTZ has the same function of PTZ camera, includes pan, tilt, zoom, preset, flexible operation, fast reaction.

Hikvision DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S) - View Mode
4 Split View Mode
Hikvision DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S) - View Mode
Panoramic View Mode

Excellent imaging performance

We pre-programed the IP camera's resolution to 12MP @ 20fps, started the resolution test.

1. Resolution test: Using a tenth of split image to aim to resolution test card, after the measurement, its vertical resolution reaches 900 TVL, edge resolution reaches 800TVL, its imaging performance is extraordinary.

2. Color reproduction & Grayscale: Using a 24 color reproduction test card to measure, its color reproduction basically is accurate, then using grayscale test card, we measure its recognizable grayscale level reaches 17.

Hikvision DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S) - Color Reproduction Test
Color Reproduction Test

3. Bit-rate control & video latency: Making the camera aim to traffic road, meanwhile running the bit-rate measurement software, we find that the video stream is quite stable, its main stream's bit-rate is 10.07 - 15.7 Mbps, average value is 12.9 Mbps. We also calculate its video latency, the result is 500 ms.

Hikvision DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S) - Bitrate Test
Bit-rate Test

4. Lighting environment adaptation: Letting the camera aim to strong light, after we enable the wide dynamic range (WDR) function, the region surrounds light has significant increase on brightness, the portrait photo becomes much bright and clear, additionally, its BLC and HLC function are also excellent.

Moreover, this security camera also supports perimeter detection, zone detection, motion detection, alarm output, as well as dynamic video analysis function.

Hikvision DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S) - WDR, HLC Test Result
WDR, HLC Test Result

Good low illumination performance

1. Low illumination test - Automatic day/night mode: Disable the IR illuminators, then put the IP camera into dark box to simulate low illumination environment, with help of Automatic Gain Control (AGC), images keep clear, when brightness decreased to 39 Lux, images automatically switch to B/W mode, thanks to its digital noise reduction, when illumination decreased to 0.07Lux, the B/W images still keep clear, even under 0.01 Lux illumination (approximate 0.001 - 0.009 Lux), images are still recognizable.

Hikvision DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S) - Color Image
Color Image
Hikvision DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S) - Color Image 8.4Lux
8.4 Lux
Hikvision DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S) -  B/W Image 0.01Lux
0.01 Lux

2. Low illumination test - Day/Night color mode: In this mode, illumination decreased to 0.1 Lux, the color images keep moderate clear. Decreased to 0.03 Lux, color image is still recognizable.

3. Smart IR control: Disable smart IR function,

DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S) Primary Features

  • 12 megapixel progressive scan CMOS, maximum output of 4000 × 3072 @ 20fps image, supports 3072 × 3072 @ 25fps real-time image
  • Utilizing advanced video compression technology, high compression ratio, and flexible processing
  • It supports digital wide dynamic, 3D digital noise reduction
  • Efficient infrared light, long life, 360-degree fill light irradiation distance of up to 15 meters
  • Supports up to 64G Micro SD / SDHC / SDXC card local storage
  • ICR filter automatic switching, true day and night surveillance
  • Built-in microphone and speaker, supports 2-way talking
  • Ultra-wide-angle lens (1.98 mm) can be used to shoot 360 °look around the screen, to achieve no blind spot monitoring
  • Support for hardware correction panoramic or partial screen, after adjustment for the video stream can be output directly to do a preview or video.
  • Correction of panoramic or partial screen support, support three output modes
  • Support cross-border detection, intrusion detection area, alarm linkage ball machine
  • It supports output fisheye heat map
  • For maximum support 20 simultaneous access
  • With a variety of white balance modes, for a variety of scenarios demand
  • Support backlight compensation, auto electronic shutter function, adapt to different monitoring environment
  • With motion detection, alarm and other dynamic analysis
  • Featured: anonymous access, IP address filtering, heartbeat, alarm, a key recovery
  • V: IP66, Riot: Vandal-proof grade support IK10

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