Sony Xarina CXD4145GG

Sony released new Xarina CXD4145GG for IP Security Camera

On October 2014, Sony released Xarina CXD4145GG for IP security camera, CXD4145 is the image signal processor to provide image capturing and encoding solution for entry-level IP security camera. It's the latest model among Xarina portfolio. Similar to analog "Effio", "Xarina" is the trading mark for IP video streaming technology products from Sony.

Background Study

In the past years, Texas Instrument (American brand) and Hisilicon (Chinese brand), as well as Ambarella (American brand) are three pioneer IP video streaming solution providers in IP surveillance products market. Their's SoC (System on Chip) has been widely used in majority of current selling IP security cameras. As we know, Sony once dominated the analog security camera's market for a whole decade years. But we are entering digital era, even Sony released new "Effio-V/A" DSP to improve the resolution of analog system for maintaining its market share on August 2013, IP security cameras are replacing the traditional analog camera rapidly. As a result, Sony's engineer team is striving to develop new chip during these four years, and Xaria (CXD4135GG, CXD4145GG, CXD4155GG) is the fruit.

HD Resolution

Xaria including three models; CXD4135GG for high-end IP camera with smart video analysis function, CXD4145GG for entry-level IP camera, and CXD4155GG which is currently under development. Herein we focus on model CXD4145GG, this is a HD image signal processor, which supports maximum 5 megapixel resolution. It's video encoding performance is similar to "Davinci" DM368 from TI. This new processor can work with Sony's progressive scan CMOS image sensors including IMX238 / IMX222 / IMX124 / IMX225.

  • IMX238 + CXD4145GG: 1.3 megapixel resolution, and IMX238 is based on its predecessor, with improved low illumination performance.
  • IMX222 + CXD4145GG: 2.4 megapixel resolution, and 1080P full HD video encoding and streaming.
  • IMX124 + CXD4145GG: 3 megapixel resolution at 30fps maximum 2048x1536
  • IMX178 + CXD4145GG: 5 megapixel resolution, IMX178 is a 6MP CMOS image sensor.
CXD4145GG Supported Image Sensor -  IMX238 / IMX222 / IMX124 / IMX225/IMX178

▲CXD4145GG Supported Image Sensor▲

High Performance SoC

Although CXD4145GG is a entry-level image signal processor (ISP), it still has very powerful image signal processing capability and it supports H.264 HD and real time video encoding. From its datasheet, this model can output up to 3 megapixel crystal images at 30 frame per second or 5 megapixel at 15 frames per second. The camera based on Sony CXD4145GG can not only output ultra high definition images, but also can simultaneously distribute up to 16 streams and JPEG snapshots. For example: an IMX222 + CXD4145GG based IP camera can output main streaming 1080p 30fps + sub-stream D1 30fps + QVGA 30fps + 1080p JPEG.

Inherits "Effio" 's advantages

Sony doesn't abandon its advanced technologies from analog "Effio" solution. CXD4145GG features with 3 dimensional digital noise reduction (3D-NR), which greatly help the IP camera to reduce image noises when working in low illumination environment. Also it incorporates with ATR-Ex and high light compensation, as well as back light compensation to allow camera deliver high quality images in challenge lighting environment. Additionally, CXD4145GG supports smart IR for avoiding IR-saturation when IP camera works at night with infrared illuminators. Comparing with other competitors, Sony introduced LDC (Lens Distortion Correction) function that corrects lens distortion when using a wide angle lens, which means IP camera can be equipped with a panoramic/fisheye lens to cover a large area, but IP camera can correct the distortion to provide natural images.

Sample Images with Sony ATR-EX Function

▲Sample Images with Sony ATR-EX Function▲

Sample Images with Sony Lens Distortion Correction (LDC)

▲Sample Images with Sony Lens Distortion Correction (LDC)▲

Rich Interface for Multi-function

The CXD4145GG incorporates a variety of useful interface including audio encoder for allowing IP camera uses speaker and microphone for two-way audio intercom through network. Additionally, it has TF/MicroSD card interface to allow local video storage, and maximum storage reaches up to 64GB. In its power suppy interface design, CXD4145GG supports EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet: IEEE802.3az), enabling an overall reduction in system power consumption. IEEE802.3az is one of PoE standards which was ratified in September 2010.

IP Camera - CXD4145GG Internal Design Diagram

▲IP Camera - CXD4145GG Internal Design Diagram▲

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*ARM is a trademark of ARM Limited.
*Note: Xarina and Effio are the customer limited products. For details, contact our sales office in your country or submit inquires.

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