Analog Camera - Sony Effio + CCD vs CMOS

Although IP camera has already been replaced analog camera becomes the most popular installed security camera in video surveillance industry. There is a still demand for analog HD camera. Dated back to 2013, Sony released Effio series digital signal processor (ISP) to work with 960H CCD, which has the capability to deliver over 650 TVL images. From Sony's statistics, the total shipments of Sony's camera DSP for security use have achieved more than 200 million pieces (At the month of July.2014).

Dual Light System IP Security Camera - Sony SNC-VB632D

Back to September 2014, Sony announced the latest IP camera SNC-VB632D which firstly adopted the dual light system. Dual light system includes white light LED and infrared (IR) illuminator, this newly introduced technology enables camera to capture clear images under dark conditions in either B/W or color.

Introduction to Sony Effio-V 800TVL CCD Module

Today we are introduce the Effio-V 800TV Line CCD module in this article, this is the latest CCD module with enhanced features among Effio series products.

This new CCD module increase the picture quality up to 800TV Line through utilizing Sony Effio-V (CXD4141GG) IPS and also CXD5148GG along with True-WDR function. Power Management has been a breakthrough within this module since it utilizes a customized power managment incorporated circuit for far better and economical energy controlling capability. Unifore is the 1st CCD Module manufacturer in China to implement a high voltage suppressor to handle 8000V voltage spike for power safety.

Sony CMOS Image Sensor

IP Camera Basics: WDR vs HDR, What's the Difference?

WDR stands for wide dynamic range, it’s conventional imaging technology by merging multiple frames that shoot by different exposure together to create single frame, we usually call this type of WDR as the multiple exposure-type WDR.

SNC-VB770 4K Network Camera

Sony 4K Network Security Camera SNC-VB770

Recent two years, the security camera’s video resolution becomes higher and higher, more and more 4K security cameras are deployed in industrial video surveillance applications. Sony, as the global leading video camera and network surveillance solution provider, has been invested heavily on R&D of 4K security cameras, new products have been continuously launched into market. Last year, Sony released its first 4K network security camera – SNC-VM772R, now the company released the SNC-VB770, it’s a starlight 4K ultra high definition network security camera.

Sony CMOS Image Sensors for AHD/TVI/CVI CCTV Cameras

Sony CMOS Image Sensor

Sony, Omnivision, ON Semiconductor are three global leading CMOS image sensor manufacturers. According to the latest market survey, Sony retained No.1 position in market share. Sony CMOS image sensors have been widely used in both analog CCTV cameras and IP cameras.

SONY launched new camera SNC-RZ50P

SONY launched new network IP camera model: SNC-RZ50P. SNC-RZ40P with advanced video processing technology, support JPEG, MPEG-4, H.264 three video compression formats, user can choose one of video compress format on the accordance of network environment and application requirement. At the same time, new developed dual encoding capability support JPEG and MPEG-4 video transmission simultaneously, expanded the surveillance application scope. Except with Pan/Tilt capability, SNC-RZ50P with powerful 26x zoom lens, user can capture the high resolution images when access small or long range objects. This camera with day night automatically convert function, it can provide the clear images at the 0 Lux environment.

SONY Launched New SNC-TB540 IP Camera for traffic transportation

China is in the economy transformation stage. Chinese government invest huge money into the infrastructure projects. Transportation construction like bridge, high-way road building are paving the way to develop the economy for the country. With the improving of living, Chinese market is one of high speed increasing market for car consumption. Increasing of quantities of vehicles bring the headache for transportation authorities. How to handle the traffic and decrease the accidents, as well as setup a intelligent traffic management system is one of the important goals for authorities. Today, world famous camera manufacturer SONY launched SNC-TB540 into Chinese market for covering the needs of traffic surveillance.

SONY SNC-TB450 IP Camera

Sony released new Xarina CXD4145GG for IP Security Camera

On October 2014, Sony released Xarina CXD4145GG for IP security camera, CXD4145 is the image signal processor to provide image capturing and encoding solution for entry-level IP security camera. It's the latest model among Xarina portfolio. Similar to analog "Effio", "Xarina" is the trading mark for IP video streaming technology products from Sony.

Starvis Starlight IP Camera

Starlight IP Cameras leveraging Sony IMX290 Ambarella S2L SoC

Introducing you the latest starlight network cameras leveraging Sony newest Starvis CMOS image sensor (IMX290/291), incorporating the Sony Xarina image signal processor and Ambarella S2L video encoding engine, these network cameras can meet the demand for 24 hours color video surveillance monitoring without using artificial lighting.

Windows Hello Face Recognition Sony IMX488 RGBIR CMOS Image Sensor

Sony IMX488 RGBIR is a 1/8” inch 1.1 megapixel (720P) optical format CMOS image sensor. It leverages the latest RGBIR (two in one) imaging technology, making it to be perfect for face recognition applications. Comparing conventional RGB+IR requiring two different CMOS image sensors combing together as a module, Sony IMX488 RGBIR image sensor utilizing new color filter and DTI (deep trench isolation) technology.