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SONY Launched New SNC-TB540 IP Camera for traffic transportation

China is in the economy transformation stage. Chinese government invest huge money into the infrastructure projects. Transportation construction like bridge, high-way road building are paving the way to develop the economy for the country. With the improving of living, Chinese market is one of high speed increasing market for car consumption. Increasing of quantities of vehicles bring the headache for transportation authorities. How to handle the traffic and decrease the accidents, as well as setup a intelligent traffic management system is one of the important goals for authorities. Today, world famous camera manufacturer SONY launched SNC-TB540 into Chinese market for covering the needs of traffic surveillance.

SONY SNC-TB450 IP Camera

Compact design with high performance.

In order to meet the needs from Chinese market for the increasing of traffic surveillance systems, SONY launched SNC-TB540 IP video surveillance camera that is designed for the transportation traffic field. With special requirements from this filed such as 24X7 surveillance, outdoor running environment, this request product must be with stable performance. Application like traffic check point need hidden installation, so the camera should be small and with compact design.

SONY SNC-TB540 adopts compact and small design. The camera with cream white housing perfectly match the front-end camera lens black parts. On the housing, there is SONY logo and "IPELA" words. From back-view, the interface design is very simple with "GigE Vision" interface for the Gigabit Ethernet Technology as the basic standard application. This technology can enable the system running in high speed. Sources of collected data from SONY, for meeting the large system and traffic increasing, the technology can make camera transmit huge data, also interface can connect to the device, diminish the numbers of cable layout, and reduce the cost of installation. Especially, In this interface, there is 12 PIN terminates with supporting more advanced functions. Each PIN are designed for diversity functions, it includes GND, Power Input, NC, 3 other muti-function output for exposure control output, strobe signal control, GPIO output.

From the whole design, this camera is compact, camera's dimension 44X33X67.5, weight: 145g, such a small camera are easy to install in traffic check point in hidden place. The camera with low-power consumption design, only 3.5W. This features can reduce the heat when camera in 24X7 days operation. With excellent stable performance, the camera can run in 50℃ temperature environment. More over, the camera with anti-vibration, stabilization functions. It still can output video in wind or extreme weather.

Adopts easy to use "Windows" operation system

This professional camera is based on the application of traffic transportation, but operators may lack of professional training, can not to operate it smoothly. Sony take this into consideration, new camera adopts the easy to use "Windows" menu system.

200M Pixel image through IP network

The camera is equipped with 200M pixels 1/1.8" SONY CCD to provide high quality 1600 X 1200 pixel images through IP network.

High speed fps transmission and multi-trigger mode

The camera image transmission can reach to 27fps, it not only can view the video in real-time, but also can output 200M pixels without compression images in RAW format in real-time. RAW can keep the detail of image. In addition, the camera can capture images from outside trigger signal. It can sync the outside strobe light. Through this camera confront traffic road and trigger camera to capture image. It turns out the whole image is clear and high resolution, it's obvious for the color of running vehicle, plate license number, vehicle model, vehicle logo mark...etc, even the detail of road also is very clear. In addition, after enlarge the image, we still can recognize the driver's face. Except the traditional used trigger mode, SNC-TB540 with features of Bulk trigger and Sequential trigger modes. "Bulk Trigger" mode can allow camera capture sixteen images.

Technical Parameters:

Pickup device 1/1.8" IT CCD
Number of pixels 1600 X 1200
Standard fps 27fps
Color Filter Elementary color mosaic
Minium illumination 6 1x(F1.4, +18DB,Shutter:off,50% video level
Sensitivity 2000 1x at F5.6(0DB)
AGC Auto/Manual
Electronic shutter 2/100000s
White balance Auto/Manual
Video Output Resolution Depth RAW 8:8 bits/pixel; RAW 10:10 bits/pixel;RAW 12:12 bits/pixel
Gamma correction >0.45
Sync system Hardware trigger/Software trigger, Trigger start/trigger start and exposure duration, Bulk/Sequential trigger mode, trigger inhibit setting, Trigger delay setting/Strobe controll
Memory channel 16
Inner memory 1024 Byte
Video Output Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)
Digital I/O ISO input X1, ISO output X1, TTL output X1
Len type C type
Power voltage DC 12V
Power consumption 3.5W
Working temperature -10-50
Anti-vibration 10G
Stabilization 70G
Dimension 44 X 33 X 67.5mm
Weight 145g
Standard UL2044, FCC Class A, CE: EN55022, AS/NZ

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