Analog system and IP network system will be co-exist

The increasing demands for enterprise security and personal safety, as well as property's security, along with decades of evolve of video surveillance systems. The IP surveillance system stage is approaching. IP system will replace the traditional analog system and dominate the market is the inevitable trend for the video surveillance industry.  How to move the system from traditional analog one to IP system, also keep the exist analog system ?  We provide some tips in this article.

IP Network Surveillance System

When and how to move the analog system to IP system is one of tough adversities for security integrates and dealers. They want to move to IP system without hesitation, but also with the tight budget, as well have to consider the expand of the life-span of exist system to cut the cost. With similarity to other technology, the IP system will replace the analog system gradually. The analog system and IP network system are co-exist in the market during this period.

Demands determine which system should be used.

Enterprises security specialists mainly consider whether the exist new IP camera can provide the requested quality image or not. There are different requirements for diversities of applications. Some applications may request the cameras provide high quality image when installed in low-illumination light condition. Others many only require the camera can provide the image of whole corridor. For many security projects that request provide high quality images are best to use the IP cameras. Mega-pixel IP camera can be used in every application ? As part of security plan, it can use the video encoder to convert analog signal to digital signal in the front-end of cameras. As a result, the new IP control room can manage the existing analog camera. The other option to cut budget is don't replace the exist analog equipment, combine the VMS software and control keyboard to manage the new IP equipment and installed analog system.

Transmission method choosing.

Coaxial cable, shielded twisted pair, unshielded twisted pair, fiber optic and other wireless can transmit the security video. Each of methods with the different advantages and disadvantages on the cost and maintenance fees. So, the new IP network camera can end the above mentioned analog transmission methods ?

Using the fiber optic to transmit the analog and digital signal is the strategy to avoid use multi-transmission medium, transmitter and receiver, secure and anti-EMI, simplify the usage environment. More over, can not ignore the power supply. After use the analog and IP network system, the power supply with features of more plug, addressable, programmable are very competitive.

The other considerations also include the network bandwidth. This is a tough job, but it can be solve by the IT specialist. The new technologies of  compression, Decompression, Encoder types, such as H.264, the huge store capacity and video processing can reduce the bandwidth consumption ? The budget can afford to purchase the equipment that for video transmission of mega-pixel IP cameras ?

Video Store and Query Challenges.

Most of security projects already owned the standalone DVR for store and query the video. Although with multi-functions and advantages. Video storage is still facing the challenges.

For IP network camera, camera also adopts SD card for storage of the video. Camera will switch to SD card to store the video as long as camera loose the connection with system. This can prevent camera loose the important video.

Before move the IP camera system from analog system, following aspects should be considered.

  1. If require the remote surveillance, could we get the event report ?
  2. Should we share the legal video with other department, need real-time recording ?
  3. How long the video should be stored and need how much storage capacity ?
Considering the control end
Typically, during the process of analog video system move to digital video system, enterprises want to keep the analog camera, through purchase and install video decoder to convert analog signal to digital signal. The use of IP control equipment to replace the previous analog control equipment. If replace the front-end camera, the cost will be too high, thus, some people suggest the best method is to setup a compatible system (or hybrid system). In this solution, system keyboard connect with VMS, not to Matrix, analog parts will not affected in the system, also no need to change. VMS become the headquarters of the whole system, operates use tradition keyboard command to manage analog camera and digital solution.
That's why VMS can achieve docking between analog Matrix and IP network camera. Eventually, display video in the screen wall.  Analog and Ip solution co-exist, but running separately, no need the mouse operation, the analog camera transmit analog video and display in the analog monitors, and IP camera transmit the digital signal, and display the video in digital monitors. In this co-exist solution, enterprises can switch to IP solution, only through using Ip camera, Digital video surveillance and VMS.
For majority enterprises security supervisor, the security system integration is the eventually goal. Except built-in relay and ports, The system should with combination with access control, intrusion detection...etc.
Whatever how fast the evolve of the technology, a good proposal can make analog and IP network camera system co-exist.

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