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IP Surveillance System

Analog system and IP network system will be co-exist

The increasing demands for enterprise security and personal safety, as well as property's security, along with decades of evolve of video surveillance systems. The IP surveillance system stage is approaching. IP system will replace the traditional analog system and dominate the market is the inevitable trend for the video surveillance industry.  How to move the system from traditional analog one to IP system, also keep the exist analog system ?  We provide some tips in this article.

IP Network Surveillance System

How to choose IP camera, what type you need for installation?

Apparently, IP cameras replace the traditional cctv cameras become new trend in video surveillance industry. From statistics, there are more than 4000 different types of IP cameras are onvif compliant, undoubtedly, choosing the right IP cameras to meet your needs is a first step or crucial in designing a IP based surveillance system, especially if you want to setup an effective system for both deterrent and crime solving tool.

For different applications, there are several types of IP cameras, which have unique cons and pros to meet diverse video surveillance applications.

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How to design a complete IP surveillance system?

Introduction to IP surveillance system

Over the last 20 years, designs of the analog cctv system haven't changed that much. However, traditional cctv surveillance system no longer meet today's needs and future requirements. It's undeniable that security industry is shifting from analog video surveillance systems to IP surveillance systems. For meeting the much higher security demand from client's needs, more and more security installers are beginning to study the IP surveillance technology, and offering IP network based security system for various video surveillance solutions.

The guidance on IP surveillance system

IP surveillance system becomes the trend in video surveillance industry, IP camera launched into market dated back to 1996. Even past so many years, analogue camera still dominate the market, especially in medium & Low-end market. Without doubt, the future technology is digital technology, thus eventually the IP network surveillance system will dominate the whole security field.

Today we are presenting the unbiased guidance on nowadays' IP network surveillance systems in here. IP camera with video management software (VMS) or IP camera with network video recorder (NVR) are two core component for IP surveillance system.