How to choose IP camera, what type you need for installation?

Apparently, IP cameras replace the traditional cctv cameras become new trend in video surveillance industry. From statistics, there are more than 4000 different types of IP cameras are onvif compliant, undoubtedly, choosing the right IP cameras to meet your needs is a first step or crucial in designing a IP based surveillance system, especially if you want to setup an effective system for both deterrent and crime solving tool.

For different applications, there are several types of IP cameras, which have unique cons and pros to meet diverse video surveillance applications.

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IP Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

The dome shape PTZ camera usually have a big size with rotation design. PTZ camera can rotate horizontally and vertically, as well as zoom in or out to capture specific areas or events. The pan/tilt rotation can be controlled automatically or manually, which being used to monitor large areas, or even tracking suspicious people. Most of IP PTZ dome camera are with heavy-duty aluminum enclosure which can allow camera working outdoor environment for withstanding rain, wind, snow…etc. Equipped with temperature and heat ventilation system, this IP camera can work in wide range of temperature.

Typically, IP PTZ dome camera with large optical zoom module which supports 18x, 20x, 36x optical zoom. Using the powerful zoom function with the automatically focus feature, the camera can capture very fine and detailed images, the pan/tilt rotation allows camera monitor entire 360º, and 180º area in open location. It’s very suitable for both indoor/outdoor surveillance which requires to cover large open space, such as parking lots, traffic, city surveillance, hotel’s lobby, school campus and more.

Due to the structure design, the IP PTZ dome camera requires high power to run. That means traditional PoE switch may not work with it. For PoE compatible IP camera, user also need to use the high power PoE switch which can meet the IEEE802.3at standard. The IEEE802.3at can output maximum 30W for each of ports.

Day/Night IP PTZ CameraEquipped with 20x zoom lens, Pan/Tilt camera adopts 1/3 inch sony progressive scan CMOS sensor, delivering high definition images at 1280x720 (720P)@25/30fps. It has built-in web server, remotely access via Internet Browser, iPhone, iMac, iPad, Android, Windows phone.
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Outdoor IP PTZ Camera with IREP2845 1080P IP PTZ dome camera is 2 megapixel IP camera which adopts 1/2.8 inch progressive scan CMOS Sony Exmor sensor, delivering maximum 1920x1080(1080P) resolution with wide dynamic range and 3D noise reduction technologies. It has 8 pieces of high power illuminators for long range night vision up to 100 meters.
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All-in-one IP bullet cameras

All-in-one IP bullet camera has all the components which needed for working and installation, it is widely used video surveillance camera. This style camera are mid-large on the size scale and built-in infrared for night vision, typically either with fixed wide angle lens or vari-focal lens that are adjustable for different view angle and distances. Since it has all the components, as well as with installation bracket, they are very cost effective, suitable for residential and small business video surveillance applications. The vast majority of IP bullet cameras are weatherproof, which with IP66 ingress rate, that means they can be deployed outside without extra accessories.

If you have security applications require cost-effective solution, and produce good quality images, also is easy ot setup, this types of camera maybe is your right choice. Since it has built-in lens, you may need to use the lens calculator tool to make sure you are going to get the intended results from this particular lens size you are buying. For more easy to use or increasing the flexibility, we highly suggest you to buy the PoE compliant IP bullet camera. The PoE compliant IP camera can transmit both power and data through single Cat5 (Ethernet) cable, which can eliminate the extra power supply. Due to the whole power consumption of it, you can choose the IEEE802.3af standard PoE camera.

IP Dome Cameras

Dome camera with its unique advantages, especially most of them are with vandalism feature. Dome camera can come with mini compact size which is less visible. Occupying less space for installation makes it less obtrusive, therefore most of dome cameras are widely used for indoor usage, Some can come in weatherproof versions for outdoor surveillance. IP dome camera also can come with power over ethernet (PoE) feature, the built-in PoE feature can simplify the whole installation process, hence reducing the installation cost, and eliminate hassle maintenance.

2 megapixel IP dome camera with IRED2271V is HD megapixel IP camera which can capture ultra clear images at 1600x1200 pixel resolution, or 1080P (1920x1080). ED2271V is compact size vandal-proof dome camera for indoor application. It has built-in web server, remotely access via Internet Browser, iPhone, iMac, iPad, Android, Windows phone.
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Vandal-proof IP dome cameraED2381W from Unifore, it is 3 megapixel IP network dome camera with IR, the camera adopts 1/3 inch progressive scan CMOS image sensor. This camera can output maximum 3 megapixel images at resolution of 2048×1536P, It has built-in web server, remotely access via Internet Browser, iPhone, iMac, iPad, Android, Windows phone.
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IP Box Camera

Traditional IP cameras are only suitable for indoor applications, or you may still install them outside with additional weatherproof enclosure. The box camera can support changeable C/CS mount lens, which allow user to choose diverse lens on them to get right field of view for your video surveillance. For ensuring the high quality day/night surveillance, the IP box camera comes with removable IR-cut filter. Most important, the box camera doesn't come with infrared, hence it can't work in completely darkness environment, but good low-illumination box camera still can capture B/W images under moon light.

Covert/Spy/Hidden IP camera

For legal “Spy” usage, these types of IP camera comes with different shapes, forms and sizes. Unfortunately, due to the current limitation of IP camera technology, the IP/network camera module with relative middle size which can’t be filled into small enclosure. That’s the reason user can’t find spy or hidden IP camera in the market. If you are considering the hidden/spy camera, you have to choose the analogue spy/hidden camera.

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