SNC-VB770 4K Network Camera

Sony 4K Network Security Camera SNC-VB770

Recent two years, the security camera’s video resolution becomes higher and higher, more and more 4K security cameras are deployed in industrial video surveillance applications. Sony, as the global leading video camera and network surveillance solution provider, has been invested heavily on R&D of 4K security cameras, new products have been continuously launched into market. Last year, Sony released its first 4K network security camera – SNC-VM772R, now the company released the SNC-VB770, it’s a starlight 4K ultra high definition network security camera.

According to the Sony’s product manager, the SNC-VB770 camera’s core component is its full-frame CMOS image sensor, this image sensor adopts the latest Starvis technology, it features the highest light sensitivity, can capture vivid and clear color video even under low illumination conditions. This top-notch image sensor now exclusively used in Sony’s commercial video surveillance applications. Recently, an evaluation agency has conducted the systematic test for the Sony SNC-VB770 network camera. 

Extreme high resolution & sensitivity

Sony has released its official data for SNC-VB770 camera, this camera owns a 0.004Lux, ISO 409600 sensitivity. According to the evaluation agency, this camera owns the highest light sensitivity so far when compared with the peers. From the real test report, the camera has a great improvement on its sensitivity. For example, under the starlight or dim light indoor condition, human eye can’t see objects. The camera utilizing high electronic shutter speed can capture crystal 4K/30fps color video, enabling users to capture details such as characters, digital, human faces. 

Time: 22:00 (at night)

Scene: cloudy, no starlight, there are a dim streetlight near to the lake, the nearby room has a light.

Result: Human eye only can see very short distance, can’t see the moving people, tree etc detail information in the dark; However, the SNC-VB770 can see very far distance,people, tree, house etc details are clearly presented, camera even can see the water waves.

Human eye can see at night
Human eye can see at night
SNC-VB770 Result
SNC-VB770 Result

From the Sony’s explanation perspective, SNC-VB770 camera has extreme high resolution and sensitivity, because the camera owns an advanced image processing system can offer low-noise signal processing, and its full-frame 35mm Exmor CMOS image sensor, plus the Sony E-Mount Zeiss Lens, those are helpful to achieve the full features of 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor, ensuring the whole image keeps high definition from corner to center. 

The expert says, “Extreme high resolution and sensitivity greatly extend the application areas of this camera, in some commercial fields that requiring 24 hours surveillance but under complete darkness environment, such as museum, zoo, government utilities and commercial areas. This camera offer users a great deal of choise selection, can meet the need that required to capture ultra high definition video under extreme environment conditions.

Rich details because of 4K resolution

From the current industry perspective, 4K technology makes the camera can capture extreme high resolution image with rich details. Checking the Sony SNC-VB770 test report, the network max. supported resolution can reach 4240*2832, HDMI output resolution is 3840*2160. Just like other Sony 4K camcorders, SNC-VB770 inherited the exact same gene.

The expert explains, 4K camera can achieve wider video surveillance coverage, while not compromising the image quality and detail. In the following example, the SNC-VB770 installed to monitor the air port.

Time: 21:00 (at night)

Scene: cloudy weather, no star light, parking apron is illuminated by floodlights, light source is complex, multiple color temperature

Result: The current installed camera also owns low-light image capturing function, can see the overall area, image color temperature is yellowish. 

Air port apron surveillance
Air port apron existing camera system/figcaption>
SNC-VB770 Air port apron surveillance
SNC-VB770 Result

In addition to providing ultra high definition video can offer satisfied rich details, Sony SNC-VB770 camera also adopts a new type of noise reduction technology that can split the image to different regions according to the pattern (e.g. edge, texture, color area). Meanwhile, its detail reproduction technology can further improve the image quality.

Low bandwidth and storage, save cost

Similarly, Sony SNC-VB770 camera supports smart ROI video encoding, can allow users to select the specific regions, and adjust the image resolution and image quality accordingly, therefore to reduce the network bandwidth and storage consumption. 

SNC-VB770 4K + 4x VGA

Furthermore, SNC-VB770 camera can support smart image cutting function, offering 4K resolution previewing, meanwhile providing 4 split views which adopting low bitrate VGA resolution to display, so that this also can reduce the network bandwidth and video storage consumption.

Smart optimization, offering optimum image quality

Smart or intelligent is one of goal the industry keeps pursuiting, from the test result, Sony SNC-VB770 camera’s performance is quite satisfactory. Based on the time, weather and light conditions etc scenes, the camera can automatically adjust the image parameter (color, brightness, contrast), self-adaptive to the scenes. In order to obtain the best settings, the camera allows users to self-define the image settings. The user defined “Profile” can be stored on camera, users can manually and or scheduled to switch between different profiles, therefore the image quality retaining the best in the daytime or at night. 

Time: 18:00 and 21:00

Scene: Sunny weather, Scattered lights around the playground

Result: whenever it’s day or night, SNC-VB770 is self-adaptive to the surveillance scene, not over-exposure in the day, it can see the objects what people can’t. Because it can deliver 4K resolution video, the camera can clearly see the faces among the moving people.

SNC-VB770 18:00 Result
SNC-VB770 18:00 Result
SNC-VB770 21:00 Result
SNC-VB770 21:00 Result

In conclusion, from the test report, the Sony SNC-VB770 camera provides the performance and functionality which exceeding the capability of its peers, especially its extreme high definition and sensitivity can further broaden the application fields to meet the needs of more users. In today’s trend, Sony SNC-VB770 undoubtedly will become the industry leader.

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