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How to access the Hikvision cameras with Firefox browser?

We recommend users to access IP cameras/NVRs/NVRs with IE browsers. After the installation of ActiveX plugin, users can watch live video and config the settings with IE browser. However, Windows 10 and Apple computers (Mac OS) can not support the IE, in this case, users can install the VMS software which has been provided by the suppliers. The attached free VMS software can not only enable users to watch multiple video feeds, but also config the device’s settings remotely.

If you still insist on accessing the device through Firefox, then you have to tweak the browser’s settings. Herein we show you how to solve the problem with Hikvision video viewing in Firefox browser.

1. Run the Firefox browser, then enter the text: about:config and press enter key to confirm.

Firefox about:config

2. Now it shows the advanced settings, right click mouse to show menu, then click “New” > “Boolean”

Firefox enter preference name

3. Enter the text plugin.load_flash_only in the preference name.

Firefox enter boolean value

4. In Enter boolean value, enter false, then click “OK” to save the value.

5. Close all the browsers, then restart the Firefox.

It should be noted that Firefox old version doesn't require to do this modification. However, the recent released version 52 and 53 have changed the default settings for NPAPI plugins. Without the above changes, the Hikvision camera will not display image properly.

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