6 Unique advantages for IP surveillance cameras

IP cameras have been one of most significant advancements for video security monitoring in recent history, and what's more, it has completely changed how professionals think of their video surveillance options. From the beginning of their introduction, the need for IP camera technology within the security industry has constantly increased year after year.

IP cameras have many advantages which suitable any small, middle, large security solutions. These advantages including:

Ultra high resolution (megapixel)

Achieving megapixel resolution with its latest image capturing and processing technology. The image quality delivered by a IP camera is at least 4 times higher than that of a conventional analog cctv camera. Higher resolution can offer high quality image with higher detail. Greater details permits even better identification.

960H is the maximum resolution which traditional analog cctv camera can offer, and it has up to 960 x 576 pixels that mean they can cover an area twenty three feet wide and also sixteen feet wide but still be able to accomplish forensic detail. Comparatively, a IP camera can provide a minimum of 1280 x 1024 pixels of resolution which means that they are able to cover an area at least 4 times larger than that of an analog CCTV camera.

D1 vs 1.3MP

Forensic Inspection

Whenever reviewing live or playback recorded video, IP camera allow user to digitally zoom in on a particular region, which minimal loss of definition, this helps to capture important details for instace facial features or even a car license plate.

The megapixel resolution of picture quality allows you to overcome one of the significant drawbacks found along with traditional analog cctv cameras - the lack of forensic detail they are typically can provide.

Reduced cost for whole project

We have to admitted that IP camera is far more expensive than analog cctv camera, but implementing the IP camera will definitely reduce the whole cost. The high resolution technology allows you to make use of fewer cameras to cover the level of detail your solution needs, significantly reducing overall quantities of cameras and also installation expenses. A single IP digital camera can cover up to four times the area of a traditional security video camera, which means you can replace up to four analog cctv cameras, and greatly reduce installation cost and time.

Different from traditional analogue camera, the IP camera can output digital video signal, which with standard compression H.264 format, which can be viewed/stored in any computers. Without using the NVR, just install the video management software, you can use all the features of IP cameras.

User friendly installation

IP camera can be connected to your existing network, and with standard RJ45 port. It has capability of utilizing PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology. The PoE technology can allow cameras use single Ethernet cable for both transmitting video signal, power, as well as audio signal. Pull one cable to the nearest Ethernet port and you're done. No home-run cabling, no power considerations, less hassle, and less cost.

Analog cctv vs PoE

Remotely live view and access, control

IP camera with built-in web server, just type the IP address, you are allow to access the IP camera from your local network or even over internet. Typically you will get the free video management software, which can be installed in any PC, and with this software, you can manage up to hundreds of IP cameras. You can watch live videos in split view, performing pan/tilt/zoom function, even video recording and playback on your PC.

Easy to use

The vast majority of IP cameras comes with many software, a IP camera search software provides a search function that rapidly scans your network for cameras. Simply add the cameras in your watching window, and you're in business. And like any kind of IP camera, you can view and manage functions remotely, via your network and also over the Internet.

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