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Security industry enters into digital era. As one of pioneer security equipment manufacturer, Unifore is proud to release megapixel IP cameras and network video recorders into its video surveillance products portfolio. These digital equipment can give end-users with ultra high resolution images with superior quality images and offering advanced functions with reliability at an affordable price. Wide range of styles of IP cameras and image resolution, as well as advanced features enable you to choose right system for your particular projects and budget.

HD resolution, no fuzzy pictures

Enjoy the high definition resolution delivered from our megapixel resolution IP cameras. Our IP camera is adopting Aptina progressive scan CMOS image sensor which can eliminate motion blur, and offering 1.3, 2, 3 megapixel resolution with 2D+3D noise reduction. Some models support wide dynamic range function enables camera to capture crystal images even under challenging light illumination environment. All the models can allow user to choose different video resolution to increase the flexibility and efficiency, including CIF, D1, 720P, 1080P, as well as frame rate (fps), bitrate.

megapixel resolution

Easy installation to reduce cost

Different from analog cameras, the IP camera (herein we call IPC) can integrate with power over Ethernet (PoE) technology which is the cutting-edge technology to support plug-and-play feature for IP cameras. The IPC with PoE feature can allow camera transmit both date and power through single Ethernet cable which significantly reduces the installation cost, and simplify installation process.

Additionally, IP camera can increase add-on WiFi module which enables IPC to support wireless connection. From software, Unifore offers many time-saving tools make installation of IP cameras a breeze. Offering IPC search tool to find IP cameras and IP addresses through a few clicks. The NVR can automatically set correct network parameter, as well as search/add IPC in same local networks.

Multiply storage options

Unifore IPC supports edge storage and network video transmission, as well as cloud storage options. The IPC comes with SD card slot which supports up to 32GB local storage. This feature allows IPC store/record video in local SD card to bring network bandwidth-friendly and offer reliable video recording when encounter network congestion.

    The edge storage advantages are:
  • Providing system reliability and redundancy - recording video without effects of network congestion or disruptions.
  • Offering HD images with reduced network activity - Allowing user to actively receive the image streaming on demand, no need a constant video streaming to central storage.
  • Advanced software for low bandwidth network - Smart software integration which allow deliver appropriate resolution streaming on the basis of network bandwidth, also it allows HD images stored inside the SD card of camera.

Davinci H.264 video codec

 H.264 High profile 4:2:2

All our IP cameras are utilizing the latest TI Davinci processor (DM365/DM368). The Unifore IPC can support dual codec and offering industrial standard H.264 video compression to provide optimized video streaming.

It offers H.264 High profile 4:2:2 video compression which can creates smaller file sizes while without compromise of loosing image quality. This standard provides noticeable better quality images and reducing the bottlenecks of network bandwidth, as well as storage size for recording.

Compliant with Onvif standard

All our models are supporting Onvif standard which is the industry standard for compatibility between brands of VMS (video management software), IP devices. Working with Onvif member's cameras, NVRs, client software without conflicts. Definitely increasing the flexibility when design the IP surveillance system.

Onvif 1.0: The first version of Onvif standard which including core specification for the Onvif standard. It includes IP configuration, device discover & management, as well as media configuration and PTZ camera control.

Onvif 2.0: Released on November 2010, the specification covers video storage devices and video analytics engines, also added wireless interfaces.

Onvif 2.2: Latest Onvif standard which added with record on motion based events capability. This features can allow IP camera only recording selected motion detection area.

Free client software and CMS

Offering free client software (video management software) to work with our IPC. The VMS can run both Windows and MAC OS which provides free license for supporting up to 64 IP cameras. For smooth operation, recommended using the Quad Core CPU and at least 4GB RAM. Supports split views and video recording into your local computer or remote server. Full features software supports different recording modes.

We are providing the Central Monitoring Station software which can allow user to do centralized video surveillance, managing up to 256 IP cameras through single software.

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