1.0MP 720P eRobot IP Pan/Tilt Camera 2CU Smartphone App

Today, we are going to introduce a new product to you - eRobot (D1201-W/B). eRobot is new designed IP security system, the main component is the compact size design IP pan/tilt camera. This isn't a common IP camera for home or business. Different from other security IP cameras, it can allow user to setup a complete video surveillance system plus intrusion detection system. Most importantly, it supports WiFi connection, and P2P technology for hassle free network connection. This system comes with free cloud APP (2CU) for Android and iPhone smartphones.

eRobot IP pan/tilt camera

Compact design for home or business

The eRobot totally break the traditional IP camera design, complete new design for home or business applications. Looking at its front, you can see this camera furnishes with a fixed 3.6mm lens which offers can offer 56.14 degree wide viewing angle without pan/tilt, near the lens, there are two high power infrared LED illuminators which help camera to capture images at night. From its specification, the night vision distance can reach up to 5 meters. Checking its rear panel design, this camera has simple interface including WiFi Antenna, Wired Ethernet connector (RJ45), MicroSD card slot and DC5V input, a production label is on the camera which offers Device IP and password information, which lately required for 2CU smartphone App.

eRobot Front view/Rear view

True Day/Night surveillance

Firstly, this IP camera has build-in removable IR-CUT filter, which has function of filtering unnatural lights enter into lens in day monitoring. This enables camera to provide true day & night video surveillance, delivering true color reproduction images with HD resolution. Moreover, it is equipped with 2 units of high power infrared LED illuminators to provide illumination for camera. This camera is suitable for video monitoring in low lighting or complete darkness environment.

IP camera work at day/night with IR

Working with wireless sensors for home security

This isn't a cheap IP camera, it's a smart home security system. eRobot has 8 wireless zones, and user can add up to 64 units different wireless sensors to work with this system. You can choose to add wireless door/window sensor to secure your each of windows or doors, even several PIR motion sensors for interior movement detection, or smoke sensors for fire alerting. Furthermore, user can Arm/Disarm the system through smartphone application (2CU) or a remote control. The wireless (RF) transmission range covers up to 200 square meters.

eRobot Defense Area

Video Motion Detection

This system has embedded motion detection function, which is based on pixel changes motion detection. Once the IP camera is armed (Activated), it will detect any movement. If it picks up the movement, it will trigger the alarm immediately, users will receive the push notification or email with snapshots.

eRobot IP camera motion detection

Two-way voice intercom

Built-in high definition microphone and speaker for two way voice intercom. You can contact with your families at any time in anywhere. The speaker also functions as a yelling siren. When an alarm occurs, the speaker will make warning sound (85dB) which can deterrent potential intruders.

eRobot IP camera two way audio intercom

Advanced Pan/Tilt function

One single pan/tilt IP camera can cover your whole room, which means greatly decreased the quantity of IP cameras for your home security, which in turn, reduce the investment budget for your home security system. eRobot has precise mechanical rotation design, it supports pan rotation at 350 degree and tilt rotation at 90 degree. Users can use the smartphone app to rotate the IP camera, henceforth you will not omit any activities inside your home.

Wall mounted Pan/tilt rotation design
You can watch live video control the IP camera
Wisdom IP camera eRobot
eRobot IP pan/tilt camera for shop

Main functions

  • Full 720P HD video technology
  • True day/night surveillance with IR
  • Support IR wizard remoter for wireless WiFi access
  • Two-way audio intercom over Internet
  • 3D voice noise reduction for HD effect
  • Ethernet and WiFi 802.11b/g/n protocol
  • MicroSD card slot for 32GB local storage
  • Motion detection, snapshot, email
  • Automatically search IP devices, no hassle network configuration
  • P2P technology for plug-and-play installation
  • Free dynamic DNS (DDNS)
  • 8 wireless zones, 64 wireless sensors
  • Up to 200 meters RF coverage
  • Up to 3 users for alarm push notification
  • Included gravity sensor for auto-flip image
  • Included free 2CU APP for Android and iPhone

Technical Specification

eRobot D1201-W/B Specification

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