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IP Camera Installation

1.0MP 720P eRobot IP Pan/Tilt Camera 2CU Smartphone App

Today, we are going to introduce a new product to you - eRobot (D1201-W/B). eRobot is new designed IP security system, the main component is the compact size design IP pan/tilt camera. This isn't a common IP camera for home or business. Different from other security IP cameras, it can allow user to setup a complete video surveillance system plus intrusion detection system. Most importantly, it supports WiFi connection, and P2P technology for hassle free network connection. This system comes with free cloud APP (2CU) for Android and iPhone smartphones.

eRobot IP pan/tilt camera

General problems and solution for IP cameras

IP camera or network camera is a new product which combined with analog and network video streaming technologies, in addition to its image capturing functions like the conventional analog camera, IP camera has built-in video compression processor with web sever function, to compress raw video footage, then broadcast over Internet. The authorized users can access the data from anywhere with internet connection. With the birth of digital video compression H.264 standard, image quality of network transmission has a significant improvement. What's the common problem of IP camera?

Guide for selection IP Cameras, analog or digital?

IP Camera Introduction

Internet Protocol (IP) camera mainly is composed of a lens, an image sensor (typically CMOS image sensor) and an image processor, and a H.264 video compression SoC (System on Chip) and an Ethernet chip that allow camera to connect to network for video broadcasting.

When light passes through the lens to the sensor, the image sensor will convert it to digital signals then processed by a built-in image signal processor (ISP). Instantly, the signal will be compressed with H.264 format by a multimedia SoC to minimize the file size for optimal transmission. Finally, the video images are sent through the network to back-end device for viewing or recording.

IP network camera internal design

How to connect IP cameras to NVR?

IP surveillance technology becomes the new trend in security & protection industry. Nowadays, it's so convenient to buy IP surveillance equipment for ultra HD video surveillance system whatever for monitoring residential or business. Unlike the traditional cctv system, IP surveillance equipment rely on network for video transmission. Herein we provide some useful information about the connection of IP camera and NVR.

Connect the IP camera to NVR

Different from the analogue system, the IP camera(without PoE) should not connect to NVR directly, the IP cameras and NVR should connect to the same router. This can ensure the NVR to recognize the IP cameras in the same router. This is very important, whether you want to login via web browsers or using the NVR/VMS for video recording.

How to connect sensor to IP camera's alarm I/O?

Similar to DVR/NVR, the advanced IP cameras are equipped with alarm input and output (I/O). With this the IO interface, the IP camera can connect sensors to achieve integration solution. For instance, you can connect the IP camera to several intrusion detection sensors for accurate intrusion detection. A high decibel siren also can connect to IP camera.

In conclusion, the alarm I/O can increase the flexibility for your IP camera installation and easily to integrate with other devices and sensors or even alarm panels for integration solution.

How to install and connect IP cameras?

We have to admit that traditional cctv systems are outdated, and nowadays people chose the advanced IP surveillance systems to secure their premises. Whatever it's typical residential or a large parking lot, the advanced IP surveillance system can not only deliver ultra high-definition (HD) resolution images, but also minimizing the total security budget while increasing flexibility and hassle-free installation, as well as less maintenance.

How to install IP cameras ?

Do you want to know what exactly happen in your house or your business, shop, office?  Without any hassle, IP cameras allow you to keep an eye on what it is going on in the specific location. Once the IP cameras are installed at residential and connected to internet, you can remotely monitoring from any PC in the world, as long as there is internet connection.

How to use 2CU eRobot smartphone App?

This is the simple tutorial which can guide you to use the 2CU eRobot smartphone App. This free APP has rich features to allow you protect and monitor your home. If you don't have this product, you may buy this IP camera from here. Let's begin from its introduction; 2CU is a free smartphone APP which is designed for eRobot IP camera, the new generation home IP camera system. eRobot uses advanced "Peer to Peer" network transmission technology, remote monitoring, video calling has never been easier, it's the best way to enage with your family and friends.

IP Camera Standard/Protocol - ONVIF

Analog CCTV cameras have no problem for compatibility. Basically, conventional CCTV cameras and DVRs can work together across different manufacturers. In early IP surveillance development, the IP surveillance system was heavily hampered by the lack of compatibility of equipment and low degree of flexibility in terms of future expansion. Companies engage in IP camera development and manufacturing have their own standard/protocol. Consequently, user only can choose all the equipment (including front-end cameras, back-end storage device) from the same company. After several years chaotic development, in which the manufacturers were introducing their ow standards for transmitting and recording video in IP video surveillance systems.