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VIMICRO 1080P Low Illumination IP SVAC camera in Road Traffic

VIMICRO STAR-2000S SVAC 1080P star grade low illumination camera is latest security camera which supports both SVAC and H.264 standard for high definition video surveillance, this top-natch camera supports multiply image processing functions such as automatic exposure, automatic white balance, and Automatic AGC, wide dynamic range, digital noise reduction, digital anti-fog, anti-strong light...etc. It adopts large size star grade progressive scan CMOS image sensor, its minimum illumination as low as 0.001Lux, which still can provide clear images. Most importantly, under low lighting, moving objects monitoring, the camera can deliver smooth HD video without frame losing or lag.


During this test, we installed the camera on the bridge and made it target to road traffic (camera's surrounding illumination is 15Lux, and road traffic's illumination is 18Lux), set the camera's video parameter to 1080P@25fps/8Mbps + electronic shutter 1/250s, kept the rest parameters in default setting. From observing, images detail are clear, for example the swing trees, and the fast running vehicles. When the vehicle entering into surveillance area, headlight light is well suppressed, license plates are clearly distinguishable, with illumination from street lamps, car drivers/staff can also be easily identified. In the default automatic gain of 255, the surveillance images have high clarity. Even more important is that the whole picture, almost no image noise.

1080P SVAC IP Camera road traffic monitoring

Under the same surveillance area/scene, compared to B brand low illumination camera, the captured images have noises, and color is a bit overdue, trees and leaves and other details are difficult to identify, although it provides good anti-strong light effect, the license plate is only identifiable when vehicles approach very close.

1080P IP Camera road traffic monitoring

Excellent low illumination derives from its design

STAR-2000S's low illumination performance in night is impeccable. How does STAR-2000S achieve it? let's check the design from its image sensor. This camera adopts 1/1.2 large dimension CMOS image sensor which is rarely adopted in security industry. The large size CMOS image sensor can provide crystal images with true color reproduction, high performance in noise reduction. Furthermore, this camera adopts new generation image signal processor which supports 16-bit image signal processing to provide outstanding results. During this test, we used KOWA LM25HC lens (F=1.4max, f=25mm) to achieve the best result.

Finally, we tested the camera inside the room. This model supports SVAC and H.264 standard video codec, under H.264 codec, we set the camera's parameters to 1080P@25fps/4Mbps, kept the rest of parameters in default setting. Using the resolution testing card, this camera can provide horizontal resolution 1100TVL, and vertical resolution 1150TVL, the edging resolution 900TVL. Through using 24 color reproduction card to test its color reproduction performance, compared with the 24 color reproduction card, the color is a little subdue, but overall colors restore accurate. Using 20-level gray scale card to test, it's gray scale level can be easily identified to level 18.

Through using the stop-watch, we could measure its video latency is 333ms under 1080P@25fps/4Mpbs condition. During the video testing, the camera can stable its bitrate among 4.3Mbps. This camera support defog function, it adopts accurate defog algorithm, when defog function is enable, the overall images get improved significantly, and images became much more sharp and clear.

1080P SVAC IP Camera Defog off

Defog OFF

1080P SVAC IP Camera Defog On

Defog ON

Then, we put the camera into dark box to simulate night scene, adjust the illumination from 1Lux to max, color and resolution keeps stable, no significant change, automatic gain control functions properly; when illumination decreased to 0.8Lux, small noises emerged; color becomes subdued when illumination reduced to 0.04Lux; In B/W mode, put the camera in 0.001Lux low illumination, the camera still can capture good quality images, all the objects are clear with a little noises.

SVAC IP Camera Night Performance 0.01Lux

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