Curtain Narrow Angle 15° PIR Motion Sensor

Curtain Narrow Angle 15° PIR Motion Sensor for Intrusion Detection
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ED650 is a small size curtain type PIR motion sensor which is designed for discreet unnoticeable perimeter protection of openings such as doors, windows and corridors. This curtain type PIR motion sensor offers 15 degree narrow angle detection, includes N.C. and N.O. relay outputs to work with different alarm panels, access control, video surveillance system. It comes with a 86 type junction box for easy wiring and installation, true automatically temperature compensation design to filter false detection caused by rapid temperature changes.

Features and Specification

  • Model: ED650
  • Detachable 86-type junction box, angle adjustable
  • Automatically temperature compensation
  • Digital signal analysis to filter false detection
  • Alarm indicator On/Off to support discreet installation
  • Power input protection to prevent damage due to wrong wiring
  • Alarm N.C., N.O. output to work with different controllers
  • Product dimension: 80mm * 35mm * 30mm
  • Working voltage: DC9-24V
  • Working current: <=25mA
  • Sensor: dual-element infra-red sensor
  • Detection range: distance 6 meters/ angle 15°
  • Anti-tamper: N.C.
  • Alarm output: N.C. / N.O.
  • LED indicator: On/Off adjustable
  • Installation method: wall mounted
  • Installation height: 2-2.4 meters
  • Direction recognition: N/A
  • Anti-white light: 6500Lux
  • Working temperature: -10 °C– 55°C
  • Temperature compensation: Auto
  • Working humidity: <=95%

 Curtain PIR Motion Sensor for Perimeter Intrusion Detection

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