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Diamond - Wireless Sound Alert System
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Setup a simple, effective security system with innovative design - Diamond wireless sound alert system. Diamond wireless sound alert system is a multi-function top-notch gadget for home, business, property and work-site applications.

Different from traditional alarm system, this system has three amazing features. It can work with remote control and wireless sensors, expandable up to four sensors. With this system installed, you can setup a simple wireless alarm system. Additionally, it can work with our wireless alarm system and IP cameras as the wireless indoor strobe siren. Lastly, this wireless siren has built-in wireless signal booster, which allows it to extend wireless transmission distance of your existing/new wireless alarm system.

This is an affordable wireless alert system, it will make sound and flash once the wireless sensor is triggered. It has built-in 100dB sounder and LED flash light, Additionally, it has three different yelling sounds including burglary, medical, fire.

Main features

  • Unique eye-catching security product design
  • Simple, but smart wireless alarm system
  • Perfect for home, shop, grocery store, office, warehouse, garage
  • Expandable up to twenty wireless sensors, two remote controls
  • Support arm delay, away arm, stay arm modes
  • Support "Ding-dong" door bell function
  • Alert with 100dB sound and flash
  • Works with wireless alarm system as indoor strobe siren
  • Included wireless signal booster to extend wireless range
  • Available Red and Green color lens
  • Included rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Product has EU, America, British standard plugs

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Cheap effective security system for home/shop

Simple and effective security solution for home, office, grocery store. It works with 22 wireless sensors and accessories. You can expand this system by adding wireless door/window detector, wireless PIR motion detector, even wireless smoke detector. Once the detector is triggered, the system will make warning sound and flash to alert people. Supporting partial arm function (away arm/stay arm), it's suitable for home security.

Diamond Wireless Alert System

Plug-and-play wireless alert system

It comes with plug, and no need to connect the AC/DC adapter, just plug it to your electricity socket, then it starts working. No wall drilling, no running cable. The detectors connect to console through radio frequency (RF 433/868MHz). Additionally, it has rechargeable backup battery, it can protect your property even in electricity disruption/failure situation.

Wireless siren with clean and elegant design

A new siren with clean and elegant design, comes with blue or red lens, built-in a powerful and noisy 100dB sounder, it is compatible with 433MHz/868MHz wireless alarm system. Enhanced wireless transmission range, can extend much longer distance than traditional sirens.

433/868MHz wireless signal booster

In addition to its siren function, this product supports versatile functions including wireless signal boosting, repeating, or extending. With this product installed, the wireless range will extend to double times wireless transmission range. You will not worry about the wireless transmission range, although you will install the wireless alarm system in a two floors house. Please note that this product is not a Wi-Fi booster/extender.

How to use Diamond?

Simple Alert System Wireless Indoor Siren Wireless Signal Booster
Zones: 6 Wireless Zones Compatible with Yoosee cameras Extending signal of 433MHz/868MHz
Quantity of sensors: Maximum 22 Compatible with X10, X9, G10, G60 Compatible with Yoosee cameras
Alert Method: Sound/Flash 100dB Sound/Flash Compatible with X10, X9, G10, G60
Arm Delay: Yes Arm/Disarm status indication Extending range 150 meters

Technical Parameters

  • Power input: AC 110V/ AC 220V
  • Static current: ≤13mA
  • Alarm current: ≤150mA
  • Sound volume: 100dB
  • Wireless frequency: 433MHz/868MHz
  • Wireless range: >100 meters
  • Extending RF distance: > 150 meters
  • Backup batter: Lithium-ion, 3.7V 800MA/h
  • Product material: ABS plastic
  • Working temperature: -10~55°C

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