PIR Motion Sensor with Pet Immunity

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ED680 is a professional wired PIR motion sensor with pet immunity, the sensor can provide accurate intrusion detection for intruder alarm system or video surveillance system, this sensor adopts dual-sensor technology (including two PIR motion sensors), true temperature compensation design to filter detection caused by rapid tempature changes, N.C and N.O alarm putput to work with different alarm panels and controllers.

Product Specification

  • Model: ED680
  • Human and pet recognition algorithm
  • Dual-element PIR motion sensor
  • Auto temperature compensation technology
  • Environment temperature immunity
  • Alarm indicator On/Off adjustable
  • Power input protecting circuit design
  • Normal close and Normal open alarm output
  • Product dimension: 135mm x 70mm x 56mm
  • Working voltage: DC9-16V
  • Working current: <=25mA
  • Infra-red: dual element infra-red sensor
  • Detection range: distance 12 meters/ angle 110 degree
  • Anti-tamper: Normal close (NC)
  • Alarm output: NC/NO
  • LED indicator: ON/OFF
  • Installation: wall mounted
  • Installation height: 2-2.4m
  • Pet immunity: <=35kg
  • Anti-white light: 6500Lux
  • Working temperature: -10°C - 55°C
  • Working humidity: <=95%
  • Temperature compensation: Auto

Pet Immune PIR Motion Sensor

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