Dual-Tech Ceiling PIR Motion Sensor

Dual-Tech Ceiling Motion Sensor
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The ED691 is a unique motion detector utilizing a dual-element passive infra-red motion sensor and microwave technology and is designed for indoor intrusion detection. The ED691 motion sensor provides ultra wide detection angle reaches up to 360 degree. In addition to dual-tech technology, it has employed smart signal analysis which can enhance the accuracy of detection. It has N.C. and N.O. alarm output to work with hardwired alarm panels or security controllers that having alarm inputs.

Product Specification

  • Model: ED691
  • Auto temperature compensation technology
  • Environment temperature immunity
  • Alarm indicator On/Off adjustable
  • Power input protecting circuit design
  • Normal close and Normal open alarm output
  • Product dimension: 120mmx30mm
  • Working voltage: DC9-16V
  • Working current: <=25mA
  • Infra-red: dual element infra-red sensor
  • Detection range: distance 6 meters/ angle 360 degree
  • Microwave: 10.525GHz
  • Anti-tamper: Normal close (NC)
  • Alarm output: NC/NO
  • LED indicator: ON/OFF
  • Installation height: 2.4-3.6m
  • Anti-white light: 6500Lux
  • Working temperature: -10 - 55
  • Working humidity: <=95%
  • Temperature compensation: Auto

Dual-Tech Ceiling Motion Sensor

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