Dual-Tech PIR Motion Sensor (PIR+Microwave)

Dual-Tech PIR Motion Sensor (PIR+Microwave) with Auto Temperature Compensation
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ED695 is a professional hardwired motion sensor utilizing Dual-tech design to provide reliable intrusion detection. It includes a dual-element passive infra-red motion sensor and a microwave sensor (doppler radar) to detect the movement of intruder. In addition to PIR+microwave, it includes true temperature compensation and signal analysis design to enhance detection accuracy further. 

Product Specification

  • Model: ED695
  • Unique terminal connection design for easy wiring
  • Auto temperature compensation technology
  • Environment temperature immunity
  • Alarm indicator On/Off adjustable
  • Power input protecting circuit design
  • Normal close and Normal open alarm output
  • Product dimension: 111.5mm x 60mm x 48.5mm
  • Working voltage: DC9-16V
  • Working current: <=25mA
  • Infra-red: dual element infra-red sensor
  • Detection range: distance 12 meters/ angle 110 degree
  • Microwave: 10.525GHz
  • Anti-tamper: Normal close (NC)
  • Alarm output: NC/NO
  • LED indicator: ON/OFF
  • Installation: wall mounted
  • Installation height: 2-2.4m
  • Anti-white light: 6500Lux
  • Working temperature: -10°C - 55°C
  • Working humidity: <=95%
  • Temperature compensation: Auto

Dual-Tech PIR Motion Sensor (Infra-red + Microwave)

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