eRobot WiFi Wireless Pan/Tilt IP Camera

WiFi Wireless Pan/Tilt IP Camera
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eRobot D1201-A/B is new generation network pan/tilt camera which is designed for monitoring and protecting your home or business. This new design IP camera adopts 1.0 megapixel resolution progressive scan image sensor to deliver 720P video images. We understand that home security is a universal need for homeowners, eRobot D1201 provides you digital surveillance and access control solutions with an very affordable price, the new design D1201 can secure your home and increase your home security. It adopts P2P technology allows hassle-free network connection, this camera will give you peace of mind in your absence.

IP surveillance systems are not just for high-end homes and high-income buyers. Today, improved technology and competitive pricing have made systems more affordable. eRobot D1201 is WiFi video surveillance IP camera, easy to use and affordable, a really economic security solution for small business owners, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much to achieve a peaceful state of mind. We aim to give business owners ability to check in on their store remotely by using an iPhone, Android smartphone, computer, it delivers smooth video footage to your smartphone.

eRobot Camera complies with Onvif standard/protocol. It can work with third-party's NVRs/Onvif Viewer.

eRobot IP Camera Features

  • Aesthetic compact design
  • Support both WiFi and Ethernet RJ45 connection
  • 1/3" progressive scan CMOS image sensor
  • Resolution 1280x720 in real time
  • Furnished wide view angle 3.6mm fixed lens
  • Advanced Pan/Tilt rotation
  • Day/night surveillance with 2pcs high power LED illuminators
  • Night vision range reaches up to 5 - 10 meters
  • Built-in Microphone and Speaker for two-way voice intercom
  • Working with detection sensors, 8 wireless zones
  • Push notification for alarm up to 3 users
  • Motion detection and sensor triggered recording modes
  • Advanced snapshot Email function
  • With MicroSD card slot for local storage, up to 128GB
  • Included free smartphone APP for Android, iPhone
  • Support remote setting/data search/playback via smartphone
  • P2P technology, free DDNS for plug-and-play installation
  • Included ceiling/wall mounted bracket for easy installation


Wireless baby monitor/home IP camera
  • Wireless Baby Monitor/IP Camera
  • Includes one HD IP Camera
  • 720p (1280x720p) HD video monitoring
  • Smart video motion detection
  • Pan/Tilt Rotation
  • 8 Wireless Zones
  • Free App
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PRO D1201-A

Wireless Home Security Starter Kit
  • Wireless Home Security Starter Kit
  • Includes 1 Cam, 1 Keyfob, 1 D/W Sensor
  • 720p (1280x720p) HD video monitoring
  • Video Motion + Perimeter Detection
  • Pan/Tilt Rotation
  • 8 Wireless Zones
  • Free App
Check the Features

STD D1201-A

Wireless Home Security Standard Kit
  • Wireless Home Safety Standard Kit
  • Includes 1 Cam, 1 Keyfob, 1 D/W Sensor
  • Extra Wireless PIR Motion Sensor
  • Dual motion + Perimeter Detection
  • Pan/Tilt Rotation
  • 8 Wireless Zones
  • Free App
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Baby monitor banner

HD baby monitor system - This is an indoor HD IP camera, it supports pan/tilt rotation to cover your whole room. It supports night vision, allow parents to keep an eye on your child or home.

This camera can allow user to remotely view from anywhere, you can see, hear and talk to your child or family members from your smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop. It supports video motion detection, once your baby wakes or cries, the camera promptly sends an alert to your smartphone and tablet.

eRobot wireless home security system

Wireless system for easy installation - The kit adopts wireless technology for communication between sensors and camera. You can easily configure, install and control the system yourself. Plus, there's never a monthly fee to pay.

Door/Windoe Sensor

Do-it-yourself alarm system - The camera contains 8 wireless zones, can support up to 64 wireless sensors. You can add the wireless door/window sensor to protect each of entry-points, also using wireless motion sensors to protect interior space, even you can use the smoke sensor to provide fire detection.

The door/window sensor can be easily placed on a door or window frame surface and the motion sensor can be placed in your space or mounted on the wall. The motion sensor and window/door sensor can be easily enrolled into the camera through App operation.

Once the sensor is triggered, the camera will immediately send push notification and email with photos. User can watch live video to check what is happening in house.

Professional IP Camera System - This eRobot camera is compatible with ONVIF specifications, extends its number of supportive NVR/VMS to over 3,000. The wide scale of supported NVRs/VMS can allow eRobot camera to be integrated into your professional IP surveillance system for business solution.

Customized/Paid Cloud Storage - Unifore smart Wi-Fi cameras can support customized and paid cloud storage service. The camera is able to send recorded video clips to remote server (your customized and third-party paid storage service). By using the cloud storage function, you can keep the video even the camera is stolen or destroyed by burglars. For example, an intruder may break into your shop and steal cash, valuable goods. If he knows the existing of your camera and may knock it off and steals the camera or set a fire, your cameras and all recorded footage will be destroyed. Using cloud storage, our cameras can automatically send record footage to remote data center, thus you can easily retrieve it anytime.

WiFi Camera Cloud Storage

Technical Information

  • Model: D1201-A
  • Video compression: H.264 Baseline Profile
  • Image sensor: 1/4" Progressive Scanning CMOS
  • Processor: GM8135S/GK7202/Hisilicon Hi3518E
  • Max Resolution: 720P (1280X720), 1.0 Megapixel, VGA (640x360), QVGA (320x180)
  • Frame rate: 1-30fps self-adaptive
  • Min. illumination: Color: 1.5Lux,  Black&White:  0LUX (IR LED on)
  • Infrared: 2PCS Powerful IR LED Illuminators  IR range ≥5 - 10M
  • ICR: Dual IR-CUT optical filters, day/night automatically switch
  • S/N ratio: ≥38dB
  • Performance: AWB,  AGC
  • Lens/Viewing angle: M12 lens 3.6mm (F1.4)
  • Viewing angle:  75 degree
  • System Security: ID & Password
  • Remote Access: Support IOS & Android APP,  Web Browsers
  • Local storage: Built-in 128GB Micro SD card (optional)
  • PNP: Support P2P remote viewing by Smart Phone or IE browser
  • Server: Worldwide distributed P2P Servers
  • Audio Coding: G.711A
  • Input: Built-in Microphone (38dB)
  • Output: Built-in Speaker (8Ω 1W)
  • Rotation: Pan(355°)/Tilt (120°)
  • Recording Modes: Manual, Schedule, Alarm
  • Storage: by Built-in Micro SD Card,  PC hard disk
  • Network: Wired LAN; 1x 10/100Mbps adaptive RJ45 port
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi  802.11b/g/n
  • Alarm: Defense setting; Support One-Click ARM/DISARM all defense settings
  • Alarm Function: 8 zones (up to 64 wireless alarm sensors) working with PIR motion sensor, door/window reed switches, smoke sensor, flood sensor and more.
  • Motion Detection: Support
  • Alarm: Sound Alert; Instant Alarm Push to 5 Mobile Phones via APP to notice users to check site conditions
  • Push Notification: Instant E-mail Push attached snapshot of the captured motion
  • Material: Superior ABS (engineering plastic)
  • Application: Indoor
  • Power supply: DC5V 2A
  • Working Temperature: -10~50 C
  • Working Humility: < 95% RH
  • Dimension: 110 x 102 x 115mm
  • Weight Approx.: 0.35kg
  • Accessories: Power adapter, Operation instruction
  • Optional accessories: Wireless security sensors, remote control
  • Installation: desktop or ceiling mount
  • Complies EN62311, EMC (EN301489), EN300328, RED EN60950 CE Standard

Included Free 2CU APP

eRobot System Setting eRobot Tools eRobot Playback eRobot Camera Setting eRobot Media Setting eRobot Network Setting eRobot Alarm Setting eRobot Recording Mode eRobot Defence Area eRobot Alert

Download 2CU APP

GooglePlay Apple Store

Rear Panel

eRobot IP Camera Rear View

Frequently Asked Questions

How does eRobot work?

eRobot is a home security camera that comes with free mobile apps and adopts advanced "Peer to Peer" technology with WiFi connection capability. eRobot can not only allow user watch high definition video remotely in anywhere, but also can work with wireless sensors for offering alarm notification.

Users can use smartphone or PC to access this IP camera, and watch the live video, recording the video footage in any computers. Furthermore, it supports motion detection, when motion is detected, the eRobot sends an alert via email or push notification to your mobile devices (maximum 5 users). When wireless sensor is triggered (For example: PIR motion sensor detects motion, or intruder open your door/window), the system will send snapshots to your email with push notification.

How do I set it up?

eRobot cameras are elegantly designed and hassle-free to set up. To start, install the smartphone App (App's name - "CoT Pro", available in APP store and Android GooglePlay) on your smartphones, Next, plug the camera to the router for network connection. Go to "CoT Pro" app, "Contact list", the App will automatically search the available IP devices.

How to enroll wireless sensors?

User can add/delete the wireless sensors through smartphone App, Go to [Control] > [Defense Setup], you can enroll/delete the wireless sensors. The system adopts learning technology, working with 433MHz wireless sensors.

Can I pan/tilt the camera from my smartphone?

This pan/tilt camera can allow user control over their smartphones and PC browsers. Both smartphone applications and web interface have Pan/Tilt control buttons to achieve remotely rotate function.

How to Arm/Disarm the IP camera?

eRobot IP camera can work with wireless sensors, user can use the included "CoT Pro" APP to Arm/Disarm the system, or user can choose to use remote controller (remote keyfob) to Arm/Disarm the system.

No alarm notification after triggering a sensor

Please note that if you use the keyfob (remote control) to arm the system, it takes 10 seconds before it is armed, which means, after arm the camera through keyfob, you need to wait 10 seconds. This function is called Arm delay, which allow users exit home without triggering false alarm. If you want to arm the system instantly, you can use the smartphone App to arm the system.

Is this system compatible with your wireless sensors?

Yes, this system is compatible with all our wireless sensors including intrusion detection, fire detection and even flood detection sensors. This IP camera is working with 433MHz wireless frequency.

Does this system work with any siren?

eRobot IP camera has built-in microphone and speaker for two way voice intercom. The speaker also is used as a siren to make yelling sound. The volume is adjustable through the included smartphone APP, and maximum 85dB/m. It doesn't work with separate hardwired or wireless siren.

What is maximum distance for WIFI?

The effective distance of WIFI is highly dependent on the transmission power, throughput and network environment of the router. Generally, three bars of signal strength could ensure a normal working of the camera. Occasionally, user will find that camera under full bars of signal strength still could not show smooth and liquid pictures owing to the fake signal strength bars.

Does this camera work with 3G card?

This WiFi camera utilizes the Ethernet network connection. It doesn't support 3G SIM card, and Erobot works with hardwired Ethernet and WiFi connection.

How much bandwidth does it need for the installation of 4 cameras or more?

It needs only the common family bandwidth for one user to watch a camera at one time for the installation of 4 cameras. However, if the user needs to watch 4 cameras simultaneously, the bandwidth is dependent on the quality of picture or video the user needs, from 256Kbps to 8Mbps. The bandwidth of the remote internet here refers to upstream bandwidth. Within a LAN, user could view the all cameras simultaneously without being affected by the bandwidth.

When adding a device, APP did not prompt the discovery of a new equipment

Please check if the cameras and cell phone are in the same LAN; Please check if the camera's Network indicator keeps on; If cameras and cell phone are not in the same LAN, it is recommended to use the ID number manually add cameras.

When viewing live video, the device reminds the password is wrong

Please check if the remote access password which being set when add the device is right or not. If not, please select edit to re-set it from the list of entries in the camera. If you forget your remote access password of the camera, suggest you to press the reset button to restore the device to factory default (The factory default, the device’s password is empty, the first time add camera, need to create a new password. Otherwise, remote access will not be accepted.)

“Device list” reminds the device is offline

Please check whether the network of the cameras is normal, and network indicator of device is on; Please check whether the router network is normal.

Remote Control Wizard cannot control the camera rotation

Please check if the Remote Wizard is connected with the Cell phone's headphone normally; Please adjust the direction of the Remote Control Wizard, aimed at the camera IR receiver. Some phones need to adjust the volume keys to maximum;

Unable to search the video files during playback

Please check if the SD card is damaged; Please check the retrieval time of the video file, the System Time of the camera;

Customer Feedback (49)

  • Abdull Akoonjee

    Abdull Akoonjee

    11 November 2014 at 08:24 | #

    Good camera, and works great. Bought this camera (Pro D1201-B), and successfully setup within 20 minutes. Picture quality is very good, night vision is also perfect without IR saturation. I was impressed by its alarm function, the remote control has modern looks, I can arm/disarm the camera with it, or using the phone App. Happy with product except the manual, it's too simple only contains information how to setup.


  • KKeletronics


    13 November 2014 at 09:04 | #

    Bought one, High quality product. Overall performance is much better than Foscam IP cameras, it's really a revolutionary wireless IP camera for home security. I am satisfied the image quality, 720P is very clear when watching from my phone. Programming sensors is easy, and once sensor is triggered, you can receive alarm push notification immediately. Recommended!!!


  • Unifore


    16 November 2014 at 05:07 | #

    Many thanks for your feedback. Actually, we sold out 500 sets on last month for this model to one of our existing clients from Italy.




    16 November 2014 at 05:17 | #

    Really good product with cheap price, I want to order a sample to test. Tell me, how can I order this cube camera from you?


  • Unifore


    17 November 2014 at 00:03 | #

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your inquiry, this is not a cube camera, it's a Pan/Tilt IP camera. Concerning to the ordering procedures, our sales team will contact you through emails. Generally, the order process is very simple, just inform us which model you need to order, then our sales representative will make a quotation with delivery fee, after you make the payment, we will make the delivery, with tracking number.


  • Mario Catan

    Mario Catan

    20 November 2014 at 23:26 | #

    Bought one for my apartment, good looks and HD image,


  • Mario


    20 December 2014 at 03:21 | #

    does this Camera send alarm also by email?
    I have set the in:
    - Setting -> Alarm Setting -> Alarm push Email -> "my email"

    But when it goes into alarm, the camera don't send me the email.
    I must to set another setting?



  • Mario


    20 December 2014 at 07:01 | #

    now it works.


  • lendra


    07 January 2015 at 09:58 | #

    This product excellence, I like it
    Is it possible to set email more than one account ? How to set ?



  • David


    07 January 2015 at 22:20 | #

    This is an amazing camera at a very attractive price. When compared to my old analog camera system, it offers outstanding picture with high clarity. I like its alarm detection function, it's the shining feature for this product, I added three wireless door sensors and one PIR motion sensors to work with this system, the system works perfectly. Reminds you that it comes with ceiling bracket, and has internal gravity sensor, so when you install the camera to ceiling, the image can automatically flip. The app is also easy to use, and now the company offers PC software. When I firstly tried it, it didn't work, I solved the problem by upgrading firmware through 2CU App, thanks for prompt help from technician.


  • skyhook


    10 February 2015 at 06:46 | #

    This is a good quality wireless IP camera, useful for home or office monitoring, I installed it within 10 minutes, I purchased set of 2 and intend to purchase another set of 2 pack. I have already recommended this product to my friends and family.




    11 February 2015 at 12:16 | #

    How can I connect to the cameraover Internet explorer?

    IP-Adress : Port


  • Unifore


    12 February 2015 at 21:42 | #

    Hi there,

    You need to enable [DHCP] function on your local router, therefore eRobot camera can obtain an IP address.


  • Athar


    21 February 2015 at 13:34 | #

    can it be used for long distance remote monitoring, having camera in one wifi range and the smartphone in other wife/3g range? if yes then how? will I need Static IP and port forwarding for that?


  • Martin Weber

    Martin Weber

    24 February 2015 at 12:05 | #

    Where can I purchase your eRobot D1201-A/B IP cameras here in Germany?

    Thanks for your help

    Martin Weber


  • Tim Plunkett

    Tim Plunkett

    02 March 2015 at 00:17 | #

    Where can I purchase this camera in United States? Thanks


  • Tien Le

    Tien Le

    13 March 2015 at 15:24 | #

    I would like to know far the camera can see in night vision mode?


  • Tien Le

    Tien Le

    13 March 2015 at 15:34 | #

    I would like to know how far the camera can see in night vision mode when liveview from the phone, and how far the camera can capture snapshot with clear/good image quality in night mode when motion is detected or alarm is triggered?


  • Tien Le

    Tien Le

    13 March 2015 at 15:37 | #

    Very good camera! I would like to know how far the camera can see in night vision mode when liveview from the phone, and how far the camera can capture snapshot with clear/good image quality in night mode when motion is detected or alarm is triggered?


  • miguel


    15 June 2015 at 04:42 | #

    not connect the camera timeout message


  • tin


    28 July 2015 at 02:54 | #

    Does it support local ftp server recording and cloud recording such as google drive or dropbox?


  • shiran


    04 October 2015 at 01:03 | #


    I bought three of these cameras. but I have a windows 10 phone. how can I use 2cu app on windows 10 phone and computer ?


  • ET


    09 October 2015 at 16:19 | #


    I've purchased this camera but would prefer to view the video via an Internet browser on my Mac (I do not use windows).

    I would like to know which port number ? can you pls. provide an example as to how I can view the video on my browser?



  • Alex


    02 January 2016 at 11:35 | #

    I lost the instructions. I need a copy of the instructions. can you help me?


  • Jackie


    05 January 2016 at 00:03 | #

    Hi there,

    Actually, you can download the manual from here:


  • Ghe


    03 July 2016 at 23:07 | #

    Have this model it's good but just recently my android devices cannot connect target is always offline but when using Apple iPad I does after couple of attempts. Anyone can help?


  • SR


    13 August 2016 at 10:22 | #

    It captures 720p HD video with Night Vision that is amazingly crisp & clear for a wireless IP camera!
    The camera also allows for 2 way audio transmission through its built in intercom that's surprisingly very clear & can even be used as a security alarm with the included remote!

    I love the fact that I can view my live camera feed from ANYWHERE in the world & even control the cameras movement by using the free app!
    It can even record all the footage & store it in your wireless cloud drive!
    When I purchased this camera on Amazon, it included 6 months free of unlimited storage with Amazon Cloud to store all the camera footage or anything else if you choose too.

    The free app is very simple & easy to use & opens up so many awesome features this camera has!
    The installation & setup of the camera itself is also very easy & includes everything you need to get started & an easy to understand manual, even if you aren't "good with technology"

    This camera can be used as a table top camera or can be mounted anywhere with the included wall mount.
    It provides for real ease of mind knowing you can actually see what's going on in your home or office when you aren't there & you can even control the pan/tilt movement so you can get a full 360 degree view!
    It's a fantastic intelligent wireless IP camera with awesome features that I really like & recommend!


  • Alex S

    Alex S

    13 August 2016 at 10:25 | #

    Checking the camera's firmware version, making sure it has the latest firmware. Basically, after I upgraded the firmware to the latest on App, I solved the offline and network error problem.


  • Not work with 5G

    Not work with 5G

    16 August 2016 at 02:09 | #

    The cameras don't support 5Ghz band but that's not really a cons. 2.4Ghz has better wall penetration and the 720p camera doesn't really need the bandwidth of 5Ghz network.


  • Luis Manotas

    Luis Manotas

    14 September 2016 at 18:31 | #

    Hello, I want to add my eRobot camera to my home automation system. I need the snapshot URL but I don´t know it. Please help me!!




  • Jolly


    14 September 2016 at 19:55 | #

    You can use the RTSP protocol, the RTSP URL for Erobot smart IP camera: rtsp://ipaddr:554/onvif1

    You need to use the CMSClient software to know the IP address of your camera. After add the camera to the software, right click [Your camera name], select [Remote Setup] > [Network], Check [Use the following IP address], then assign a fixed local IP address to the camera.


  • Dhaka


    05 July 2017 at 02:12 | #

    Bought two cameras with different solution, one Hisilicon, one GM. I definitely recommend the Hisilicon solution although is a bit expensive than GM solution. I tested and found that Hisilicon camera's image quality was really better than GM. Additionally, these cameras could connect with Hikvision NVR, I could rotate the camera on the NVR too.


  • Ronnie


    06 July 2017 at 12:14 | #

    Please tell me your price for the D1201-AE camera in Euros with shipping costs to Italy.
    Thank you.


  • forex ea

    forex ea

    08 July 2017 at 18:03 | #

    obviously like your web-site but you need to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts.
    Many of them are rife with spelling issues and
    I find it very troublesome to tell the truth nevertheless I will definitely come back again.


  • Erez


    19 July 2017 at 04:05 | #

    I have 4 cameras for evaluation (2 x D1100, 2X D1201)
    for evaluation
    1. I tried the CMS, do you have windows software that will allow us to make setup and see status of the cameras?
    2. Can the CMS monitor cameras that are outside the LAN and far away?
    3. Can you provide us with the camera protocol, so we will be able to integrate the camera in Magalcom monitoring center?


  • Unifore


    19 July 2017 at 04:20 | #

    1. CMSClient software can allow users remotely config a few settings including network, record resolution, password.
    2. CMSClient software can support Wi-Fi cameras even they are outside the LAN (Internet).
    3. The camera can support rtsp and ONVIF, RTSP path: rtsp://IPadr:554/onvif1 ONVIF port: 5000; Device discovery port: 3702


  • Alfredo


    19 July 2017 at 22:17 | #

    I can't match the sensors, or paring the sensors.
    I only pair the remote control.
    Please let me know how to match teh sensor with erobot camera.
    How many sensor do I pair with this Erobot system?
    STD D1201-A


  • Unifore


    19 July 2017 at 22:43 | #

    Please check this video to know how to pair the wireless sensors:
    The camera can support maximum 64 pcs wireless security detectors.


  • El Monte

    El Monte

    26 July 2017 at 22:59 | #

    I am randomly kicked out from the app or I see "offline" when tap play icon on the App.


  • Peter


    27 July 2017 at 00:28 | #

    In most cases this random kick-out or offline is caused by two devices trying to access the same camera by using the same app user name and password. If accessing the camera from two different smartphones/computers, different account is required.


  • Carnegie


    27 July 2017 at 00:49 | #

    Where can I find the app for my nokia windows phone?


  • Guardian Security

    Guardian Security

    27 July 2017 at 22:50 | #

    I am testing the camera, but I can not see where to play the recorded video on CoT Pro App.


  • Unifore


    27 July 2017 at 22:53 | #

    The CoT Pro app is available for Android and iOS smartphones or tablets.


  • Unifore


    27 July 2017 at 23:01 | #

    Tapping hamburger button on the top of app will show the menu, you can find the [Playback] button allows you to play the recorded local video and remote video. Local video, plays the video in your smartphone. Remote video, plays the video from camera's SD card.
    If you could not see the video, please check:
    1. Enable the video recording, go to [Record], select [Manual], tapping switch record [ON].
    2. Please check if the size of memory has decreased, if not, it means the camera didn't record.
    3. If the size of memory kept decreasing, it means the camera was recording.
    4. The camera will patch video to a file in every 30 minutes.


  • François


    08 September 2017 at 01:54 | #


    Where can I Buy this product in france ?



  • Dennis


    06 December 2017 at 03:56 | #

    Good product, works stable, product quality is better than similar products in the market.


  • StephanieRMontgomery


    09 December 2017 at 13:50 | #

    Very happy to say your post is very interesting to read. I never stop myself from saying something about it. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up.


  • Arno


    14 December 2017 at 08:07 | #

    I bought 2 x D1201-B camera's more than a year ago and now my one camera does not connect anymore. Any idea why?


  • Elizabeth McGlone

    Elizabeth McGlone

    18 December 2017 at 12:23 | #

    Had a little difficulty setting up on my iphone. One it got successfully connected with 'smart wifi connect' (with device & phone on same wifi), I kept getting a network error. I finally discovered that if I turn my wifi off on my apple phone/pad, I can connect with no problems. Once I figured that out, it's works awesome! So far, So good. The night vision is really good. I can't wait to explore all of the features.


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