Wired Dual-Technology Outdoor Motion Detection Security Detector

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VS-YH300 is a highly advanced and reliable detector that provides accurate motion detection in outdoor environment due to the unique dual-technologies it employs. The detector includes up and down two passive Infrared motion sensors and one droppler radar sensor together, integrating with advanced digital signal processor (DSP), the detector can filter false alarms caused by outdoor environment conditions including rain, snow, lightning storms, swaying bushes and free-roaming animals. The combination of PIR detection and Microwave detection allows it to provide the most reliable detection of real threats.

VS-YH300 employs the most advanced Dual-Tech technology which uses dual PIR motion sensors and one droppler radar microwave detection sensor, as compared to only one sensor found in other outdoor detectors. Intending to filter false alarms, it includes 8-bit microcomputer processor and adopting false-alarm prevention algorithm. Moreover, it adopts dual light filtering system to prevent strong light interference. Droppler radar uses microwave detection to provide anti-masking feature. The sensor includes multi-colour LED indicator to display system detection status separately. Intending to provide the accurate detection for a wide range of applications, the product supports microwave detection range adjustable, high/middle/low detection sensitivity adjustable. Lastly, the detectors adopt true temperature compensation circuit design can avoid false alarm caused by rapid temperature changes.

VS-YH300 is a wired type motion detection security sensor which can not only work with intrusion alarm panels but also other security equipment such as access control system, CCTV/IP video surveillance system, Perimeter security system and more. The product adopts IP66 rated weatherproof design to enable it work even under severe weather conditions.


  • Power supply: 9-16V DC 25mA
  • PIR: Dual PIR motion sensors
  • Microwave: Droppler radar
  • Detection range: 12m*12m coverage
  • Detection angle: 110 degree
  • Detection speed: 0.2m/s - 3.5m/s
  • Microwave frequency: 10.525GHz
  • Lens: wide angle fresnel lens
  • Sensitivity: Low/Middle/High adjustable
  • RFI/EMI protection: >30V/m   500MHz
  • Temperature compensation: Yes
  • Alarm output: N.C. 1000mA/24V
  • Falty output: N.C. 1000mA/24V
  • Tamper output: N.C. 1000mA/24V
  • Working temperature: -20Ceilsius - 55 Ceilsisu degree
  • Anti-UV: >10000Lux
  • Working mode: Single or Dual detection mode
  • Pet immunnity: <=30kg

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