Wireless Outdoor Tri-Tech Motion Detector

Outdoor Wireless Motion Detector
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Dual PIR plus Microwave Motion Detector
Model: T2

T2 is a wireless outdoor intruder motion detector for detection of intruder movement. It combines PIR Motion Sensors with a Microwave Technology(Tri-Tech) for true human detection, reduce the false alarm. The Detector with waterproof IP66 design for outdoor installation, built-in wireless transmitter, wireless transmission range up to 100 meters (in open space), come with external antenna to increase the transmission distance up to 300 meters (in open space). The motion detector is powered by a high capacity, long life Lithium Battery. The detector with energy saving and low battery notification design.

The T2 is a high-performance, low false alarm rate detector that integrates advanced technologies. The alarm will be triggered only three detection sensor are detecting the intruder.

L2 is available now. L2 is wireless outdoor curtain motion sensor (PIR + Microwave + DSP). The detection angle is 6-9 degree, detection range is 9 meters.

Download this product user manual:User Manual

Main Features:

PIR Motion Detector + Microwave + DSP Analysis Technology.
Adopting full-scope precision temperature compensation, performance more stable.
Adjustable sensitivity pulse count.
Detection Distance 4 levels adjustable (3-6 meters, 5-9 meters, 6-12 meters, 9-18 meters).
Anti-RF, Anti-White light design.
Built-in wireless transmitter for wireless connection.
Energy-saving design enables the detector to continuously work for a long period.
Built-in long life, high power Lithium battery.
IP66 rated waterproof design, indoor and outdoor installation

Application Example

T2 Outdoor Motion Detector Application Example

Technical Parameter

Power supply 3V high-capacity lithium battery. > 2 years
Battery life: 12~18 months
Working current standby: <30uA, on alarm: <15mA
Self-testing Self testing (for about 150 seconds), then start working.
Wireless Frequency 433MHz
Transmission Distance >100m,  using external antenna > 300M
USE Mode Alarm interval is min. 1 minute
TEST Mode Alarm interval is min. 20 seconds
Sensor Duel-core PIR sensors
LED indication When it detects body movement. red LED flashes for about 2 seconds
Pulse count 1-2 Level Adjustable
Detecting Range 110 degree, 9 x9m (typical)
Temperature Compensation Auto compensation
Low battery Alarm Alarm once battery is lower than 2.5V
Microwave Frequency 2.45GHZ
White light protection >1,000,000Lux
Working temperature -10C~ 65C
Waterproof Ingress Protection level: IP66
Dimension 138x75x46mm

Customer Feedback (6)



    22 July 2013 at 05:36 | #

    Pls advise how much is one VS-T2 if I am buying 8 piecec.


  • pravesh


    24 June 2015 at 19:09 | #

    hello iam interested in the above or similar product, please send price




    26 August 2016 at 06:09 | #

    Please, can you explain me, how to program the external detector TS-V2, and save the gsm alarm system. According to the english manual. I must place the jumper of power switch in position BAT. Then place the jumper of operating mode in position USE. So that the motion sensor is recognized by the alarm system.
    Thank you in advance, best regards, Jacky Trocchia, (France)


  • Jolly


    26 August 2016 at 07:15 | #

    Hi there,

    Just putting the jumper on TEST, then trying to trigger the motion sensor two times/or more.
    Since there is a delay time between first alarm trigger and second alarm trigger, you may touch the button on alarm panel to prevent the panel exit from programming status.

    I know it's difficult to pair it to the alarm panel, just keep trying. By the way, don't put the jumper on USE, when you are trying to pair it to the alarm panel.


  • Antonis


    29 November 2017 at 05:52 | #

    I have a question for wireless security system G60-Ultimate 433mhz and tell me if its compatible with the Wireless Outdoor Tri-Tech Motion Detector Model:VS-T2 433mhz ??
    If its compatible how i can programming. Send please the information to me how, can i program the out door detector to this panel.


  • Ghazat


    12 September 2018 at 08:42 | #

    Hi sir, what is the price of vs-l2. 10 units. Is it available to be purchased on line? Tq


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