Wireless PIR motion detector for indoor intrusion detection

Wireless PIR motion sensor for interior intrusion alarm monitoring
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VS-WH200 is a wireless security detector adopts passive infrared technology that integrates with digital signal processing and smart analytic algorithm, it offers precise motion detection by filtering false alarm. It supports temperature compensation to adapt changes of environment. Built-in 433MHz (ASK)/868MHz (FSK) wireless module to communicate with wireless burglar alarm panels. It adopts 2-way wireless communication will remind users to replace batteries when they run out. Moreover, it is powered by two DC1.5V AAA batteries which enable users to easily replace the drained battery. The product is suitable for indoor burglar alarm monitoring of house, villa, warehouse, workshop, office.

Product Feature

  • Adopting CMOS LPC microprocessor
  • Ultra low power consumption, long life battery
  • Smart logic analysis to avoid false alarm
  • Anti-white light Fresnel lens design
  • Auto temperature compensation
  • Embedded with 1 million unique code
  • Low voltage report function
  • Anti-EMI circuit design

Product structure

PIR motion sensor internal structure

  1. Dual-element PIR sensor: the core component of detector, it’s used for detecting the change of Infrared energy caused by presence of human. Do not touch the sensor with your hand, and ensure it’s clean and dust-free.
  2. Data set: Set zone type and sensor type according to settings of your alarm panel.
  3. LED ON/OFF: turn on/off LED indicator
  4. Working mode: offering two mode including test mode and work mode. Under test mode, the PIR will trigger an alarm when it detects motion every time. Under work mode, after first detection, it will delay 5 minutes to trigger the second alarm.

Detecting Scope

PIR motion sensor detecting scope

Installation tips

PIR motion sensor recommeded installation height

Keep in mind that PIR motion sensor should not be installed near to Windows, air-conditioner, lights, heater, fridge, and oven or may face direct sun-light places, the rapid change of temperature may cause PIR motion detector to act. Please use the included swivel bracket to install the product, adjusting the bracket’s angle, you’re able to adjust the detection scope. The recommended installation height from ground is 2.2 meters.

It should be noted that PIR motion sensor is sensitive to object that moving horizontally (e.g. people walk by in front of detecting area), it has low sensitivity to object that moving vertically. Consequently, when installing the PIR motion sensor, it’s better to face the area where people walks by, not toward people.

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  • Doug Haerle

    Doug Haerle

    29 April 2015 at 20:32 | #

    How much is the VS-YH200.


  • Nick


    29 May 2015 at 00:18 | #

    How much and what range does this work at ?


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