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Download: Alarm & CCTV Catalog

Promotion Flyer Catalog

Company Video Ads (.flv) Company Video Ads 2 (Delete)
GSM800 Commercial Alarm Flyer IR Camera Product Flyer
G70 Product Flyer(white) G70E Product Flyer
IR Dome Camera Flyer G70 Product Flyer(black)
Eagle CMS R-2005GSM Demo(Delete) Eagle CMS R-2005GSM Demo Full Version(Contact our sales)
T8 Simple Introduction Demo (Delete) T8,G70,G70-GT,G70-GTW Program Sensor Demo(.flv)
VSE IR Beam Product Flyer VST IR Beam Product Flyer
VSH IR Beam Product Flyer VS-YH500 Dual-Tech Motion Sensor Product Flyer
VS-YH400 PIR Motion Sensor Product Flyer VS-WH400 PIR Motion Sensor Product Flyer
VS-YX200 Ceiling PIR Motion Sensor Product Flyer VS-WX100 Ceiling PIR Motion Sensor Product Flyer
Central Monitoring Station Product Flyer R-2004GSM Digital Alarm Receiver
Panic Button Product Flyer Fence Detector Product Flyer
DVR Video Clip Demo1 DVR Video Clip Demo2
DVR Video Clip Demo3 DVR Network Setup Tutorial
Standalone DVR 96 Product Flyer Standalone DVR 94 Product Flyer
Standalone DVR 95 Product Flyer Magnetic Contact Product Flyer
Smoke Detector Product Flyer Smoke Detector Product Flyer
Smoke Detector Product Flyer Heat Detector Product Flyer
Remote Mobile Network Setting Manual VMEye Mobile Monitor Software
9540 DVR Manual DVR Mobile Monitor Software
Standalone DVR Demo Camera Placement Layout for Small Business
The Camera Placement Layout for Small Factory The Camera Placement Layout for Fast Food Shop
The Camera Placement Layout for Gas Station The Camera Placement Layout for Hotel
The Camera Placement Layout for Shopping Mall The Camera Placement Layout for Super Market
The Camera Placement Layout for Small Store Surveillance CMS Software

Products Manual

LPR Camera Manual Wireless Keypad Manual
VS-T2(Tri-tech motion sensor) SMS 2 Contact ID Converter
Wireless Curtain PIR Manual (VS-WC200) Surveillance Kit (.rar)
Manual 4 Heat Detector VS-H100 Quad Beam IR Beam Sensor VSH User Manual
User Manual For Hardwired Outdoor Strobe Siren Quad Beam IR Beam Sensor VSH User Manual
Dual IR Beam Sensor VST User Manual User Manual For Smoke Detector VS-YY500
User Manual For Temperature (heat) Detector VS-H200 User Manual For Standalone Smoke Detector VS-S100
User Manual For PIR VS-YH300 User Manual For Smoke Detector VS-YY200
User Manual For GSM Dialer Installation Manual For PIR VS-WH400
Manual-DualTechnology PIR-YH500 Manual-Outdoor PIR Motion Detector DG85
User Manual For PIR VS-YH400 User Manual For Ceiling PIR VS-YX100
User Manual For Gas Detector VS-YQ100 User Manual For Curtain PIR VS-YC100
ScreenShot For CMS Software R-2005GSM Central Monitoring Station Manual

Security Solution

We offer a complete security & monitoring solution

  • DIY Intrusion Alarm Solution

    DIY Intrusion Alarm Solution

    Burglar/intrusion alarm system for home and small business. The system consists of all-in-one alarm panel that adopts user-friendly design can be easily installed, and various security detectors to detect intruders/fire hazards/environment changes. Receiving phone call or SMS, or even control via your mobile phone.
  • Perimeter Security Solution

    Perimeter Security Solution

    Infrared Fence Beams sensors are effective and unobtrusive methods for greatly increasing the level of protection at your home or business. Based on infrared technology, they can be configured to monitor the perimeter, driveways, swimming pools and unauthorized areas. These systems detect both people and vehicles and as such, are extremely versatile.
  • Home Security Camera Solution

    Home Security Camera Solution

    To protect your home can be very easy, you can simply install and use our wide range of Wi-Fi cameras featuring pan/tilt, motion detection, sound detection, temperature/humidity monitoring. Most importantly, our security cameras can work with up to 64 pieces of wireless security detectors allow you to setup a complete security system. Now you can remotely watch HD live video anywhere, anytime. Once an alarm occurs, you can receive instant push notification and email with snapshot.
  • Commercial Video Surveillance

    Commercial Video Surveillance

    We offer industrial grade IP video surveillance equipment for commercial video surveillance applications. Our professional camera system features the latest and top-notch technologies including 4K, WDR, ROI, Smart Video Analytics, H.265/HEVC, Alarm I/O and so on.
  • Power over Ethernet Solution

    Power over Ethernet Solution

    Today almost all IP camera manufacturers produce cameras with PoE, PoE+, UPoE/Hi-PoE. The PoE can provide easy to maintenance and cost-effective cable layout solution by carrying power and data in the same network cable. It has become a standardized technology which is almost mandatory for IP camera systems.