Eagle Central Monitoring Station frequently asked questions and answers

1. Can Eagle Receiver and program be used in alarm of other suppliers to receive police calls ?

A: Eagle PCRC system is designed to receive signals in police call receiving formats commonly used in the international market. The formats includes 3/1, 4/1 and 1/2 pulse formats are widely used in alarms commonly seen in the market. The subscriber can select one of them as the communication format of his/her alarm. We precedence of our recommendation is CONTACT ID, 4+2 EXPRESS, 4/1, 4/1 AND 3/1 FORMATS, DTMF formats have more advantages in terms of anti-interruption and speed.

2. How to share the software or digital alarm receiver in more than two computers ?

A: If you want to share the digital alarm receiver in more than two computers or want the digital alarm receiver connect to more than two computers, you need to use the RS232 serial server.  Each computer install the software, and the computers can share one digital alarm receiver. The other method is for sharing the desktop in network, then more operators can access the software from different computers in network.

3. Why the reminding message: "check the connection of the receiver" always appear when I was running the program?

A: reason one: The receiver is not installed correctly. Please check the power and the connection cords.

Reason two: The serial port connected is not compatible with the setup in the software. please re-set up.

4. What are the initial passwords of the operator and the administrator ?

A: ALARM-0007 AND 0008 respectively.

5. Why are the account number of all the police calls are 0000?

A: Prior to the entering of the authorization code, all the subscriber codes are displayed as 0000. When you purchase the software, you get an authorization code. Register the authorization code and the software becomes official and capable of receiving and displaying all the subscriber codes.

6. Why is the mark that I make on the map in the "input information" displyed outside the map?

A: Because the display card you use is not compatible with the WINDOWS system. you may install a new display card or use the standard VGA driver program the WINDOWS operating system provides.

7. Why do the sound card and the buzzer beep sometime and not beep at other times upon reception of a police call ?

A: It depends on the grade of the police calls received. You can revice the setup to allow them beep at certain grades. Also, please check whether or not the 'automatic silencing" option is selected. If it is, the receiver may stop beeping seconds after it receives a call and beeps.

8. Why is the police call information at the subscriber alarm not in consistency with that displayed in the receiving center ?

A: For all communication formats other than the CONTACT ID, it is necessary to check whether contents of the 1 digit (3/1, 4/1) and 2-digit (4/2, 4+2)codes are in consistency with those defined by the central software. Make changes when necessary.

9. How to avoid the Y2K problem ?

A: Just change the system date format into yyyy-MM-dd. For example, with WINDOWS95, open system menu-setup-control panel-area setup-date and select yyy-MM-dd in the short date line.

10. Why the receiver is able to display the police call information of the alarm while not able to display the caller ID ?

A: 1. You have not applied for the caller ID display application. Please consult and apply through the local telecom authority.

2. During the receiver setup process, you have set up the re-pick up buzz time to be. 1. as the caller ID is sent at the first and the second buzz, the number should be set to be more than twice to allow correct reception.

11. When do I select map file instead of the default map file while inputting information ?

A: When the default map file cannot display the current location of the subscriber correctly. For example, when the subscriber is in the suburb or a different city, he/she may select the local map to better indicate the subscriber position. In addition, if the map is too large, the map can be divided into several parts to be scanned separately can saved as several different files. Different map files can be selected for different subscriber.

12. The receiver is connected correctly and self-tested successfully, why can't it receive the police call information ?

A: The computer and the receiver should be correctly grounded, which is necessary for lighting prevention and normal operation. Have a technician to check whether the grounding end of the 3-pin socket is grounded and connected with the grounding wire of the computer and the receiver correctly.

13. If more than 200 pieces of police call information are received before the computer is turned on or the software is run, is there any danger of losing the police call information.

A: The receiver is capable of receiving the last 300 pieces of police call information. When the information exceeds 300 pieces, the previous pieces will get lost.

14. Why my mult-line PCRC, when it has run the software, display all the police call codes as 0000, while the current police call normally ?

A: Before the software is run, the receiver has not been initialized an authorized. So the codes for all the information are displayed as 0000. Therefore, we strongly recommend the backup battery to be installed to prevent correct inforamtion from being missed due to there's nobody  at the site to run the software timely in time of power off.

15. Why doesn't my PCRC have the incoming call alarm function ?

A: 1. You have not applied for the function through the telecommunication authority.

2. You caller ID display format is FSK, which is an auxiliary police call receiving function and cannot be displayed. It depends on the communication format of that the switch system of your country employs.

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