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Tuya Android Control Panel

Tuya Android Smart Control Panel

Tuya 8-inch screen smart control panel with 240W audio amplifier built-in. It's not only a multimedia system that let you enjoy high quality multimedia, but also let you control home appliances and smart devices with one tap. It truly makes your living more comfortable and enjoyable.

8-channel Audio 240W Amplifier

Enjoy high quality melody, lullaby, favorite songs easily and sound can cover the entire building.

8-inch Android 11 Tablet

8-inch Android 11 Tablet

Modern sleek full-screen design 8-inch tablet with the latest Android 11 system. The hardware solution derives from global leading tablet hardware solution provider - Rockchip. It employs Rockchip Quadcore processor and 2GB RAM that ensuring the system runs smoothly with high reliability.
8CH Audio Amplifier

8CH Audio Amplifier

It includes a 8-channel audio amplifier which supports 4 audio zones. Each audio zones can be controlled separately, you're able to play different music in each zones. The total power rate of amplifier reaches up to 240W, so powerful to let you enjoy high quality music with impressive bass.
Tuya Smart Home Automation

Tuya Smart Home Automation

Controlling home appliances and smart devices (e.g. smart plugs/sockets, light switches, security sensors, security cameras) from this smart control panel without using your smartphone. It supports Tuya Mijia Aqara LifeSmart home automation integration. Seamless integration supports scene and automation.
Alexa/Google Assistant Voice Control

Alexa/Google Assistant Voice Control

The Android smart control panel utilizes 4 microphones to pickup your voice. Based on Android 11 OS, it's a Android tablet that can install different apps. You're able to install your favorite voice assistant apps such as Alexa, Google Assistant. Moreover, it employs 4 microphones (microphone array) which can pickup voice commands within 10 meters.
Remotely Control via Tuya Smart

Remotely Control via Tuya Smart

This control panel also can be added to your Tuya Smart app. Once it's added to your account, you're able to control it through smartphone anywhere anytime. You're able to switch it on/off, play music, adjust volume...etc.
Rich peripheral

Rich peripheral

The smart hub includes rich peripheral to provide good scalability. In addition to connecting up to 8 speakers, the hub includes AUX input and output to work with your conventional audio equipments (such as multimedia dock, CD/DVD players). Furtheremote, it includes HDMI video port that connects to the TV.

Product Specification

  • Model: TUYA-U9H
  • Power input: AC90~240V
  • Display: 8-inch IPS HD screen
  • Display resolution: 1280*800
  • Video output: HDMI
  • OS: Android 11
  • CPU: Rockchip Quad-Core ARM
  • Hardware: 2GB RAM
  • Internal Storage: 16GB ROM
  • Microphone: microphone array (4 microphones), 10 meters
  • Audio Output: 8*30W
  • Audio impedance: 8Ohm
  • Audio Input: 1CH AUX
  • Audio output: 1Ch AUX
  • Control interface: RS485
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4G
  • Ethernet: RJ45 10/100Mbps
  • Bluetooth: 5.0, 10 meters
  • External storage: microSD card slot (max. 256GB)
  • IoT platforms: Tuya, Mijia, Aqara, LifeSmart
  • Color: Grey/Champagne
  • Tablet dimension: 195*130mm
  • Gang box dimension: 170*110*70mm

Tuya Smart Control Panel FAQ

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