Solar Powered Photoelectric Beam Sensor

Solar Powered Photoelectric Beam Sensor

Photoelectric beam sensors are ideal for large area perimeter protection,the product offers up to 200 meters long distance coverage . By integrating solar power technology, the products offer completely wire-free installation and it's also maintenance-free..

Wire-free Perimeter Security System

Completely wire-free sensors, ideal for outdoor perimeter protection.

Solar Panel Powered

Solar Panel Powered

Integrating solar power design to eleminate trenching and wiring, offering completey wire-free perimeter protection solution. Thanks to its high efficiency solar panel and high-capacity rechargeable battery, merely requiring 3 hours sunlight in the day time, the photoelectric beam sensors can operate 30 days. Therefore, the product still works under continuous rainy/cloudy weather.
500M Wireless Range

500M Wireless Range

By employing new generation wireless communication technology, the wireless range of product can reach up to 500 meters. The wireless operates on 433MHz frequency, hence compatible with most wireless alarm panels/system in market.
Triple-Beam Technology

Triple-Beam Technology

Triple beam detection technology can effectively filter false detection caused by birds, tree branches, small animals. Only triggering alarm when triple beams interrupted simultaneously. It adopts active infrared technology which is immune from false alarm caused by rapid temperature changes.
Flexible Installation

Flexible Installation

Intending to offer flexible installation, the solar panel supports 160 degree horizontal rotation, the optical component support 180° pan and 20° tilt. the design enables product to obtain ideal angle under various installation conditions.


Durable vandalproof enclosure ensures the product will not be damaged by vandalism. Anti-interference design ensures unrivalled tolerance against direct & reflected sunlight, vehicle headlights and other light sources.
IP65 rated Weatherproof

IP65 rated Weatherproof

VG-3T100/150/200 series products adopt fully-sealed design which meeting IP65 (ingress protection) standard. Hence the product can work under harsh weather conditions such as rain, dust, wind, sand, salt. Additionally,intending to work under hot and cold temperature, the product utilizes special rechargeable battery.

Product Specification

  • Model: VG-3T100, VG-3T150, VG-3T200
  • Detection range: 100 meters, 150 meters, 200 meters
  • Infrared wavelength: 940nm
  • Light sources: digital filter type
  • Sensor speed: 100ms
  • Power supply: DC 3.2V Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery
  • External rechargeable power: DC12V 500~1000mA
  • Static current: transmitter<=0.5mA. receiver <=0.3mA
  • Max. trigger frequency: <=50 in 24 hours
  • Solar panel output: 1800Lux>=0.2mA(note: outdoor cloudy day sun light=2000Lux)
  • Alarm output: Relay output contact rating; AC/DC 30V 0.5A Max
  • Wireless frequency: 433MHz AM
  • Wireless range: 500 meters (open space environment)
  • Battery capacity: transmitter 500mAH; receiver 1000mAH
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ 65°C
  • Anti-tampering: relay output contact, AC/DC 30V 0.5A Max
  • Adjusting angle of optical axis: 180°(horizontal), 20°(vertical)
  • Hairline pointer: window type
  • Connection: M3 connection assistenace, spiral terminal
  • Other function: induction testing output terminal
  • Enclosure material: PC engineering plastic/Resin
  • Weight: 2KG
  • Warranty: 12 months

Solar Powered Beam Sensor FAQ

How photoelectric beam sensor works?

Photoelectric beam sensors adopt active infrared technology, a set of photoelectric beam sensor consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter actively emits the Infrared ray, which travelling a long distance to reach the receiver to form invisible fence. Once people/intruder cross the fence causing the interruption, the photoelectric beams will trigger alarm output.

What's the benefits of using photoelectric beam sensors?

Photoelectric Beams provide a quick, reliable, wall of protection between two points, invisible to the naked eye. Cost per foot they are one of the cheapest forms of detection, whether covering a few feet or several miles. They can be used standalone for simple detection or combined to cover complex perimeters in multi-layered security systems.

What's the type of rechargeable battery?

LiFePO4, Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries have many benefits such as having a cycle life of 3,000+ before performance drops to 80% of its original capacity, charging LiFePO4 batteries much more quickly compared to other battery types, typically within 1-2 hours using AC power and 3-6 hours using solar panels. LiFePO4 batteries have an operating temperature range between -4°F and 140°F (-20°C to 60°C). The temperature range allows them to perform well even in climates or conditions with extreme cold or heat.

What's the difference between Dual/Twin and Triple/Three beams?

Currently the photoelectric beams including dual/two, triple/three, quad/four types. The performance varies on two aspects including transmission distance and height. Triple/Three photoelectic beams can guard much longer distance than dual/two type.

Can it be used alone?

It can not be used alone. It needs to work with wireless alarm controllers/panels/system (which operates on 433/433.92MHz frequency. Moreover, it can work with other security systems through hardwired connection.

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