Netcam Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell

Netcam Battery Smart WiFi Video Doorbell

Battery powered WiFi enabled smart video doorbell 960p HD resolution audio recording

  • Battery Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell
  • Modern Aesthetic Smart Doorbell
  • Smart Video Recording
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Battery Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell

    Completely wireless smart doorbell, no need to run any cable for installation, 802.11 b/g/n 2.4G Wi-Fi connection, wake up the device once runs App or PIR sensor detects moving human, High, middle, low three sensitivity level for choosing.
  • Modern Aesthetic Smart Doorbell

    Receiving push notification alert when you have a visitor, or play the voice message when there is no one answers the door. You are able to answer door through smartphone App even when you are away. Always knowing who's at your door to keep your home safe. Night vision capability allows you to see people even in complete darkness at night.
  • Smart Video Recording

    Utilizing Xburst T10 SoC supports fast boot-up, it only wakes up when users run the app or PIR motion sensor detects moving people, no operation the doorbell will return to sleep mode, supports motion alarm recording to save storage and power energy. Built-in microSD card slot supprots 64G memory card.
  • Fast and Easy Installation

    Comes with weatherproof/rain shield, and fully-sealed IP65 rated design makes it be suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Anti-tamper design, worry-free for the vandalism. Standard microUSB design for convenient battery-recharging or connecting with DC5V power supply.

Product Features

Netcam doorbell offers versatile functions to make your live more convenient and secure.

HD 960P

HD 960P

The Netcam® camera provides up to 960p HD streaming video to your smartphone and computer/laptop, 960p resolution is 30% higher than 720p. Yielding vivid colors, brighter video and stunning detail.


15ft to 30ft night vision range allows you to keep tabs on your home even in the dark
Wide Viewing Angle

Wide Viewing Angle

Adopting 2.8mm F2.0 HQ lens offers super wide viewing angle up to 110°, built-in ICR filter can capture vivid color image.
Video Recording

Video Recording

It can record video on built-in microSD memory card up to 64G, supports cycling video record.
Motion Detection

Motion Detection

Passive infrared sensor to detect moving people, high/middle/low three level sensitivity selectable, eliminating false alarm, the detecting accuracy is much better than video based motion detection.
Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts

Sending instant push notification when you have a visitor at door or someone is loitering, the camera also can capture snapshots and send them to your email box.
Two-way talk

Two-way talk

Enhanced Two-Way Talk feature not only lets you answer door and talk back through your phone, but also hear what’s going on around the doorbell, no matter where you are.
Cross Platform

Cross Platform

Free Netcam® App for Android and iOS smartphone/tablets, free video management software for Windows PC. It complies ONVIF 2.4 Profile S specification can be easily integrated with NVR, NAS, VMS.

Never miss a visitor

Knowing who's at your door through smartphone App wherever you are.

Answer door wherever you're

Answer door wherever you're

With Netcam smart Wi-Fi enabled doorbell, you can answer door from anywhere, you can watch HD live video as demand, it's wide angle viewing lens can provide a HQ video that can let you know who is at your door, never miss a visitor because can receive push notification and email alerts.
Convenience and Safety

Convenience and Safety

Live 960p HD video, two-way talk, night vision, motion sensor, visitor alerts, the smart doorbell gives you control, convenience and safety you've never had before.
Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection

Relying on passive infrared sensor, it can automatically detects motion and can be set to send you push notifcation and take snapshots then send you email, or start recording video when motion is detected.


Fully-sealed weatherpoof IP65 design, can withstand rain and dust, therefore Netcam doorbell is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, product body adopts metal material, it's more durable, reliable and high quality.
Self-installed Doorbell

Self-installed Doorbell

No need to hire a professional installer, the product is powered by internal rechargeable battery, you can mount it on the wall without connecting any cable. No need to be a Tech-savvy, you can install it by yourself and set it through smartphone App just like the way you set your Wi-Fi camera.

Product Specification

NetCam Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell
NetCam Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Package
  • Model: SD-M1
  • Image sensor: 1/3" Progressive Scan CMOS SC1035
  • Main processor: Ingenic T10 Embedded DDRII@400MHz
  • Video resolution: 1280x960p 25fps
  • ISP: 3D noise reduction, D-WDR, Space-variant HDR processing
  • Lens angle: 1.8mm; >= 120°
  • Video compression: H.264 Main Profile
  • Detection: PIR-based, 3 sensitivity level adjustable
  • Infrared range: 5-10 meters
  • Audio I/O: microphone and speaker
  • Audio codec: ADPCM
  • System security: ID & password
  • Local storage: microSD memory card up to 64G (not included)
  • PNP: peer to peer smartlink setup
  • Network: IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4G
  • Battery: 3000mAH; 90 days standby time
  • Recording mode: manual, motion/alarm
  • Max. online users: 20 users
  • Alarm: send push notification
  • Installation: Rain shield bracket
  • Communication: ONVIF 2.4 (Profile S)
  • Weatherproof: IP65
  • Power supply: DC5V 1.5A microUSB


How does Netcam doorbell work?

When the PIR sensor detects a moving people or a visitor presses the button on doorbell, every authorized users will receive push notification alert that somebody is at the front door, once you receive the alert, you can answer the call and watch the video.

How to set it up?

The doorbell is easy to setup because it adopts smartlink technology, follow this guide to set it up: 1. Turn on Netcam, then reset it. 2. Check your Wi-Fi router, making sure DHCP is on. 3. Download and install Netcam App, then register an account. 4. After logon, add it via "SmartLink", ensure camrea is within Wi-Fi range

How does wake-up feature work?

When doorbell is not pressed or doesn’t detect any people, it will enter standby mode to save the power, if you wish to watch the video, you can go to device list, tap the doorbell you wanna wake up, it will wake up and become online. After complete operation (or no operation), the doorbell will resume to standby mode.

Can it do continuous recording?

In order to reduce the power consumption, the camera only supports motion event recording, it can not support continuous recording.

Does it support cloud storage?

No, it doesn't support cloud recording.

Can I playback video on smartphone?

Yes, you can remotely playback video files on smartphone App.

How many online users can view simultaneously

Netcam supports 4 online users

Can it be powered by main power?

Yes, you can connect DC5V power supply to the doorbell via microUSB jack.It should be noted that Netcam doesn't support DC12V power input.

How long will the battery last under normal use?

This depends on frequency of motion detection and wake up. The battery can last for 90 90-120 days in standby mode, and it should be 20-30days in medium usage. Netcam doorbell will send "Low power" push notification to users if the battery remains 20%.

Does it tell me the battery power percent?

Yes, it has a power level indicator shows the current remaining power level on App. It will also remind you when battery is about to run out (20% level).

What type of battery does it use? Can I replace it by myself?

It uses a rechargeable polymer Lithium-ion battery, rated capacity 3000mAH, working voltage 3.7V, recharging voltage 4.2V, we don't recommend users to buy battery from market then replace it.

What's the temperature range to use this doorbell?

It's recommended to use from -5 Celsius degree to 50 Celsius degree

Can I unlock my door via App?

No, it doesn't support this function. If you need to use this function, you should use SD-M2, SD-M2 has the capability to connect with Electronic lock.

Does it support Yoosee app?

It doesn't support yoosee app because it adopts different hardware solution, it only supports Netcam app.

Does it work without Internet?

No, the Netcam requires full time access to the internet and will not work without it. Netcam doorbell connects to your wireless network (2.4GHz only) and is compatible with 802.11/b/g/n wireless networks.

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