British Police is facing problem of cable theft

British Transport PoliceCrime's rate is rising, British police is facing the problem of cable thefts. Due to the price of commodities is soaring, the Crime's rate is rising in British.

Now British Transport Police (BTP) are facing the crack down of the cable thefts, the reason is three incidents of attempted cable theft in Essex have caused severe disruption to the rail network.

On 15 May, cable cut near Generals Lane caused signalling failures and major disruptions on the lines between London and Norwich.

British Transport Police estimated 150 trains had been affected, including 27 cancellations.

"Stealing cable is an extremely dangerous crime which is costly to the rail industry and to the thousands of passengers who rely on the rail network" from Inspect Nick Brook in BTP.

Rail-way with the protection of iron fence which is not enough to keep away the thief,  thief usually using the train to cut the cable, it's pretty dangerous.

The reason why thieves are targeting the calbes because of the rising value of high-quality copper. The rail-way people said the number of theft incidents in the 2010-11 financial year jumped by 52% to 995. Thieves steal the cable to sell on to unscrupulous scrap yards, with the number of thefts strongly linked to the price of copper.

British Transport Police had set up a new task team with increased patrols, working with the serious organized crime ageny, Network Rail to crackdown the cable theft.