Camera Security System Plan Diagram

All-in-one security camera kit for home/shop

Do you want to protect your home or business? Apparently, there are many choices; you contact local security company to subscribe alarm monitoring service, buy/install do-it-yourself alarm kit, buy/install a complete video monitoring system. Well, I am going to introduce you Erobot smart IP camera, which can allow you to design a really SMART security system that integrated with high definition video monitoring, 2-way audio communication, alarm detection, environment data acquisition. The Erobot IP camera is ideal for securing small businesses, home offices and residences. The Erobot smart IP camera is a perfect replacement of the alarm system and baby monitor in your house and shop.

Take a look at above picture, that's the system I want to describe. Erobot smart camera is the control center hub, it receives alarm signals from security sensors, meanwhile transmit the video/audio stream and alarm information over Internet. Through working with intrusion, fire, environment sensors, the Erobot offers 24*7 security protection to your home and business. A typical security camera kit based on Erobot system includes one unit Erobot HD camera (D1201-A/B, D1000, D1001), several wireless door/window sensors, some wireless passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors, two wireless smoke sensors, one flood sensor.

The Erobot security camera kit offers below functions:

  • HD video monitoring: Deliver 720p HD video with vivid color, day & night monitoring with IR
  • Alarm monitoring: Works with up to 64 wireless security sensors
  • Remote access: Camera can be accessible via Smartphone, tablet or PC, anywhere, anytime
  • Motion detection: Camera offers video motion detection, human detection via on-board PIR motion sensor
  • Temperature/Humidity monitoring: Monitoring temperature/humidity in your smartphone, receive temperature/humidity alert
  • Push notification: User will receive push notification when camera set off an alarm
  • Email snapshot: Send alert email (include snapshot) to you
  • On-board storage: Store video footage and snapshots on TF/MicroSD card up to 128GB
  • NVR/NAS: Connect to NVR/NAS through ONVIF protocol
Home IP Camera Connection Diagram

Easy Installation

Erobot camera kit can be used in multiple purposes and applications. Because of the easy installation and easy usage and with the help of wireless (RF 433MHz) interface, you can install the IP cameras in the lobby, living room, garage, attic or window. You can either connect IP camera to your home network router or use the WiFi connection. With WiFi connectivity, it's much easier to install camera on the ceiling wirelessly.

Remote access from anywhere

As long as the Erobot IP camera is connected to the Internet, you can see the video of the IP camera either locally in your house or remotely when you are in the office, coffee shop, air port or hotel room. Each of Erobot IP camera has unique ID number and password, remember its ID number and password, you can see the video anywhere. You don't need to know camera's IP address. With this ease of usage, the applications of the IP camera are very flexible and versatile.

On-board storage + NVR/NAS recording

All Erobot IP cameras have TF/Micro-SD card slot to support on-board video storage up to 128G. This function can give many benefits such as the IP camera will not lose video data if encounter network problem if recording to NVR/NAS, can save the video clips. The CoT (2CU) App software can allow user to choose different recording modes including continuous recording, motion detection triggered recording, alarm detection triggered recording.

Apart from on-board video storage, all the Erobot IP cameras support the recording of the live video to standard network video recorder and NAS. The camera will record to NVR using the standard ONVIF protocol. This can offer you professional level video monitoring/recording with advantages of high data security, enormous video storage capacity and great flexibility.

Free 64CH video management software

Erobot IP camera comes with free video management software - CMSClient, is designed to easily manage the video displays of Erobot IP cameras. In order to let users see the videos in the easiest way, the CMSClient software doesn't need to know the IP address or domain name of the IP camera, the only thing needed is the CAM ID and password of the IP camera. The CMSClient software also provides some necessary functions like multiple display windows, remote setting and recording function to satisfy the needs of some professional usage.

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