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Best App connected WiFi alarm system no monitoring fee

A well designed wireless alarm system can foil attempted burglary and robbery, also it’s the best deterrent to home crimes. Generally, people may hesitate to choose between monitored alarm service or self-monitored DIY alarm system. We are delighted to explain why you should choose the self-monitored alarm rather than paying expensive monitoring fee to the security company.

Real-time alarm handling no delay

Thanks for the recent IoT technology, this technical evolution now is changing the security monitoring industry. Many security companies and startups start to offer the App connected wireless alarm system in the market. Through leveraging the IoT platform, users can operate the alarm in their smartphone by using the designated App. Not only arm/disarm the system, now App can allow users to setup the system, also receive the instant push notification once an alarm occurs. Furthermore, the recent developed technology successfully has solved the network configuration problem, e.g. manual WiFi configuration is not required by the Wisen alarm system. Instead, using the provided “SmartLink” function, setup the WiFi connection only requires users to input the WiFi password (the alarm system can automatically search WiFi SSID and using the one that your smartphone has already connected).

WiFi Burglar Alarm System
Wisen - WiFi Burglar Alarm System

Should the App always keeps running in order to receive the alarm push notification? Absolutely not. If this is true, then the alarm system is useless. Today’s WiFi alarm system can send push notifications when your App is not running. For our Wisen alarm system, controlling the system and receive the push notification alert does not require the smartphone must have the 3G/4G connection. As long as your smartphone has Internet connection (GPRS, CDMA, 3G/4G, 5G), it can operate properly.

DIY alarm system, truly easy to install?

People opted to the monitoring service, because the security company will install the alarm system, and security companies also recommend and prefer the hardwired alarm system, because it’s more reliable than wireless system. However, it’s a double edged sword. If users don’t involve with the installation, they unlikely know the comprehensive information about their installed alarm. According to the latest statistics from crime bureau, approximate 94% burglar alarms are false alarm, the majority annoyed false alarm happens repeatedly because of user’s wrong operation. Do-it-yourself alarm system requires users to know the system, can install the each of detectors by themselves, as they adequately know the system, greatly reduce the chance that false burglar alarm happens.

During the recent years, consolidation within the alarm industry began changing the way companies delivered services. Larger companies purchased smaller ones, and a number of alarm monitoring companies moved, sometimes out of state, to achieve economies of scale. For example, a company in Texas might monitor the alarms of tens of thousands of customers in Utah or other distant states. If an alarm goes off, the monitoring company calls the owner. If no one responds or the person who answers gives the wrong prearranged code, the monitoring company calls the police, expecting them to respond. 

Based on a review of police data from several cities, burglar alarms may account for as much as 90 percent of the alarm workload.

False alarms may also generate calls for service from neighbors concerning noise. The mergers also mean that alarm systems originally installed and serviced by one company may now be serviced by another. Many politicians fearful of alienating their local security industry often initially support police response to all alarms. However, the monitoring companies they are supporting may not be local at all. 

Wisen - WiFi Alarm System Installed in Office
Wisen - WiFi Alarm System Installed in Office

Why don't recommend the hardware alarm system?

Professional monitoring companies recommend the hardware alarm system, because it’s really difficult to install initially, also not easy to change. Once the system installed, moving a detector can be a total pain in the butt. So users are reluctant to change the system and stick to the monitoring service. Unhappy about the hardwired alarm? Well, you have to hire the security installer to change it or totally remove it.

In terms of reliability from the technological perspective, there is no difference between hardware alarm system and wireless alarm system. Though hardware alarm system can provide the hardware connection between the alarm panel and the detectors. Wireless alarm keeps enhancing on its wireless transmission range, now Wisen alarm system has doubled its wireless range by increasing its RF emission power rate. The communication between detectors and alarm panel is also supervised by using bilateral verification technology.

Due to the sophisticated installation, the overall cost of hardwired alarm system is much expensive than the wireless alarm system. Considering the reason above, installing the hardware alarm system is more lucrative.

How to choose the right alarm system in 2017?

The right and best alarm system should cater your specific needs of security & protection. Conducting a survey in the premises to know which kind of detector should be used, and what the type of alarm panel fits your requirement the best. To people who wanna a simple but effective alarm system, WiFi wireless alarm system is the best choice. If you wanna turn the system to a multi-functional system carries not only the security protection, but also including the scope of home appliance control, lighting control or even energy usage measurement, then users should go for the Zigbee or Z-wave gateway based home automation system. Read this article to learn the difference among different home automation technologies including ZigBee, Z-Wave, DECT-ULE, Blueetooth, WiFi.

Once decided on which type of system to use, then it’s crucial important to select the right type of security detectors. Reed switches or door/window sensors are the best detectors for sensing close and open of windows and doors in every entry-points. It’s also the candidate to secure your wardrobe, closet, or even safe box, gun box etc. Due to the working principle, it’s the sensor provides most reliable protection with the lowest false alarm rate. On the contrary, PIR motion sensor is prone to trigger false alarm because of the movement of pets, or rapid temperature change, wrong installation or mis-configuration of sensor, though PIR motion sensor can provide large space detection for interior rooms, we don’t recommend users to use it for outdoor perimeter protection applications. Read this article to know how to install the PIR motion sensor properly. The vibration sensor (shock sensor) also can be used to detect the object’s vibration, you can put it into any kind of boxes or attach to any windows/doors, walls etc, e.g. I put the wireless vibration sensor into the cash bag, an alarm will be triggered, if someone find the cash bag then run. There are many other ideas to wisely use vibration sensor. 

WiFi Alarm System Standard Kit
WiFi Alarm System Standard Kit

Wireless glass break detector – a smart sensor that designed for glass windows. The glass break detector has a microphone can hear then analysis the sound to determine whether the glass is smashed by force. It offers another security measure to stores which usually have the shopwindow.

In addition to intrusion detection, the most of wireless alarm system can offer fire warning function by integrating with fire detection sensors such as smoke detector and heat detector or flame detector. Gas/LPG/Carbon Monoxide detector can be used to detect any hazardous gas leaking. Flood sensor can be installed in basement or washroom to monitor the leakage of water.

Security camera system or intrusion alarm system?

Well, both of them can’t be replaced by each other. Security camera system provides the video to allow you to check what is happening in your property, also can keep the lawful evidence for the late investigation. However, people can’t always watch the video in 24 hours manner, according to the statistics, the average amount of time someone can focus on video footage is only 20 minutes. Therefore people should use the passive security & protection system such as intrusion alarm system to protect the premises. The cost of security camera system and intrusion alarm system has dropped significantly, normal people can afford to have both systems installed. Each system has its pros and cons, using both system can offer you the best security & protection solution. Hence, no need to hesitate between security cameras or burglar alarm, we recommend you to use both of them.

Sorry, I don't need the intrusion alarm system

People usually have different views on the using the burglar alarms. We can’t tell you that everyone should have a burglar alarm system though it really helps to curb crime rate and foil attempted burglary.

Your living circumstances such as the crime rate of the community is one important consideration whether you should rely on security system to protect your property. Have your heard any stories about someone’s home or even your neighbor got burglarized? Well, it’s never too late to have a security system despite having the security awareness in mind.

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