Tuya 4G Burglar Alarm System with Strobe Siren

Deterring Burglars by Using Tuya 4G Burglar Alarm System

G107 is a Tuya burglar alarm system that supports cellular communication and Wi-Fi network connection; the cellular communication enables the system to notify users via auto-dialing calls and text messages, the Wi-Fi network enables it to notify users via instant push notifications. As a security system, this redundant design is essential and important. This means G107 alarm system can still work when cellular service or Wi-Fi/Internet service is unavailable.

What G107 burglar alarm system does? 

  • Offering audible and visible deterrent
  • Fire, flood, Gas, Carbon monoxide prevention
  • Duress/SOS/Medical Aid
  • Notifying users through telephone call and SMS
  • Users control the system through iOS or Android App
  • Hybrid security zones, working with wireless and hardwired sensors

Deter intruders effectively

G107 alarm panel has a speaker built-in to make noisy sound when alarm is triggered. Furthermore, it includes one wired siren which can make very loud yelling sound. Additionally, users can add an extra wireless indoor/outdoor strobe siren to make your burglar alarm system more powerful. 

One app controls everything

Do you wish to use one app to control every smart devices? Well, this is what the Tuya Inc. Is doing right now. As the global leading IoT platform, Tuya company strives to ovrecome difficulties and clear all road blocks to integrate all kinds of smart devices from different manufacturers to their IoT platform. G107 burglar alarm system is also powered by Tuya, the alarm system uses TuyaSmart / Smart Life app. This means you’re able to use TuyaSmart app to control everything whatever it’s a smart plug/smart camera or a ZigBee home automation system.