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DG85 Outdoor PIR Motion Detector

DG85 Outdoor Motion Detector for Intrusion Alarm and IP CCTV System

DG85 is a professional outdoor motion detector based on dual passive infrared detection technology, the v2 is the new version of DG85, which can feature better weatherproof capability. The DG85 v2 comes with two independent PIR motion sensors can provide accurate movement detection, yet will not trigger false alarm even working in harsh weather condition. The detector can offer 30KG pet-immunity, and the detection sensitivity is adjustable.

This detector is a regular hardwired type that comes with relay output (Normal Open & Normal Close). It can work with numerous kind of security systems including intrusion alarm system, access control, IP cameras, DVRs & NVRs, home automation or other integrated security.  Or users can choose to use DGP2 mode, when set to DGP2 mode, the functions like a DG2 motion detector module by communicating alarm signals, tamper signals, and detector setting via the bus.

DG85 Outdoor PIR Motion Detector
DG85 v2 Outdoor PIR Motion Detector
DG85 v2 Internal Design
DG85 v2 Internal Design

Key features

  • Advanced DSP chip embedded with optimized processing algorithm
  • High sensitivity dual passive infrared motion sensors
  • High precision Infrared array receiving structure
  • Detection angle and distance, as well as sensitivity is adjustable
  • German dual optical filter lens to promise accurate detection without false alarm
  • True pet-immune, and pet-friendly to animals below 25KG
  • K-Band detection technology can reduce false alarm rate
  • NC and NO relay mode or BUS mode
  • Outdoor type detector
DG85 v2 PCB Board
DG85 v2 PCB Board

How to set the DG85 v2?

Depends on which systems you will use. Set the operational mode to Relay Mode (DIP switch 1 = OFF), the motion detector can work with the most majority conventional hardwired alarm panels, as well as other devices with alarm I/O. 

If your existing alarm panel adopts BUS technology, the operational mode should be set to DGP2 Mode (DIP Switch 1=ON) or BUS mode.

How to wire the DG85 v2?

To wire the detector to your control panels is quite easy, the RED and BLK terminals connect to the power supply, then NC and COM connect to the hardwired zones. However, there is an EOL (End of Line) resistor to supervise the wiring.  As the G10-Ultimate uses ground (GND) as the COM, so both COM and GND connect together. 

DG85 Outdoor PIR Motion Detector
DG85 v2 Relay Mode Wiring
DG85 v2 Relay Mode NC Wiring
DG85 v2 Relay Mode NC Wiring
DG85 connects to G10-Ultimate Alarm Panel
DG85 connects to G10-Ultimate Alarm Panel

Technical Specification

  • Sensor type: Dual Passive Infrared Sensor with anti-UV lens
  • Detection distance: 11 meters
  • Detection angle: 90 degree
  • Installation height: 2.1m to 2.7m
  • Operating temperature: -35 Celsius degree to +50 Celsius degree
  • Voltage input: DC9V – 16V
  • Alarm output:  Form A relay 100mA/28VDC, NC 
  • Or form C relay 5A/28VDC, NC/NO
  • Anti-tamper switch: 100mA/28VDC, NC
  • Anti-RFI/EMI: 10V/m
  • Detection speed: 0.2m/s to 3.5m/s
  • Ingress protection: IP55

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